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View Men’s TOP rhinoplasty is characterized by considering the shape of the tip of the nose while gently connecting the line from the forehead to the nose.
This completes the natural nose shape as the tip of the nose harmonizes with the bridge of the nose when viewed from the front as well as the stylish side line.
In addition, functional nose surgery is possible to improve the functional problems of the nose at the same time.


View proceeds Systematic steps,
for a high quality rhinoplasty

VIEW Male T.O.P Rhinoplasty Features

1T.O.P Rhinoplasty® Trademark RightsT.O.P rhinoplasty is a male rhinoplasty surgery method unique used by View Plastic Surgery that was developed with long-term research and years of experience of plastic surgeons.
23D-CT Precision Diagnosis Precise and safe surgery optimized for each individual after precise analysis of cosmetic and functional problems of the nose
3Permanent EffectNose does not deform over time by firmly fixing the nose tip support
4Ideal Shape and Angle A three-dimensional and balanced nose from any angle considering the nose and lips angle
5Firm T-zone1:1 custom design that enhances masculinity with a nose bridge line connected to the eyebrow bone and a firm t-zone


1Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgery performed by experienced rhinoplasty specialist
2Systematic Post-surgery CareFollow-up management by the dedicated management department to help a faster recovery
3Safe Anesthesia SystemIntensive monitoring of patient condition by anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist
4Real-name Authentication System No ghost surgery or surrogate surgery with transparent disclosure of the surgical process!
5General Hospital Grade Equipments General hospital-grade medical equipment, safety system establishment

T.O.P Rhinoplasty
Surgery Method

Nose Bridge

It raises the bridge of the nose by inserting a custom implant that is harmless to the human body.

Nose Tip

Autologous Cartilage
Using autologous tissue, the tip of the nose is naturally corrected in harmony with the bridge of the nose.

Incision Method

  • Method A method of incising the nostrils and the nasal column (nose support) together
  • Pros The field of view is wide during, so it is easy to check the internal structure of the nose, and it can be inserted at the exact location where you want the implant to be placed.
  • Cons The incision marks remains red on the nose, it will fade after 3 months.

T.O.P Rhinoplasty
Premium Care System

A dedicated post-surgery management department will help you
with meticulous follow-up to help you recover quickly and return to daily life.

1Swell Management Provides self-care training and products to help relieve swelling

2Dedicated Management Personalized management is carried out after treatment according to the individual recovery speed

3Nasal ExfoliationWe help remove wastes and sebum in the skin care room after drinking.

4Post-surgery Control A plastic surgeon will check the surgical progress and recovery process

VIEW Surgery Process

In-depth consultation

Detailed consultation in consideration of the patient’s desired nose shape, line, and height

Precision Diagnosis

Proceed with virtual 3D simulation, after checking the overall nose condition before surgery

Design and Surgery Plan

Optimal design and design based on patient’s specificity and goals

Safe Surgery

Safe operation according to individual surgical method

Intensive Care

Regular progress check by the person in charge and premium intensive care of View


Surgery day
Self care kit gift
Swelling Relief Care

3 days after
Surgical area dressing and cotton support removal

7 days after
Stitch removal and progress check/Nasal Exfoliation/Skin scrubber keratin care/Regeneration laser

1~6 months later
Periodic progress check by the medical staff in charge

Male T.O.P Rhinoplasty  FAQ

Is rhinoplasty possible with only cartilage without implants??

Yes, it is possible! For patients who are reluctant to use artificial implants, improvement is possible with autologous cartilage (septum, ear cartilage, cost cartilage).

I have a bulbous nose, can I have surgery on the tip of the nose and the nostrils at the same time?

Yes, it can be done at the same time. If the tip of the nose is blunt, you can achieve satisfactory results for both the tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose by performing the nose tip surgery and the nose correction together.

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19 Floors Medical System

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Male Surgery BEFORE & AFTER

Customized Premium “Rhinoplasty” Program

Rhinoplasty Dream Team

Plastic Surgery + AnesthesiologyOne-stop Process from consultation – diagnosis – surgery plan – surgery – post surgery treatment

3D Precision Diagnosis System

Based on three-dimensional precision analysis, you can establish a delicate and safe treatment plan and predict before and after surgery

Permanent Nose

Provides a nose that does not deform over time with a stable fixation of the nose tip support

1:1 Customized Design

We carry out harmonious customized plastic surgery taking into account the overall face shape, nose bridge, nose line, and proportions

Swell Management

After surgery, we will take care of you with recovery injections and swelling injections to remove swelling and help circulation

Continuous Management System

we check the condition of the face through a steady progress check by the surgeon along with customized follow-up care in order to prevent side effects and recover quickly

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