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Reoperation requires a higher level of skill than the first operation because the chest tissue and anatomy are often damaged.
Therefore, after accurately analyzing the cause of the failure of the first operation, it is necessary to correct the wrong part while minimizing the scar.
View revision eye surgery is performed by carefully analyzing the cause of the failure of the first surgery and selecting the most suitable revision surgery method considering the current eye condition.


We proceed with VIEW premium system for high-quality result.

VIEW Eye Revision Surgery Features

1Analyze the cause of failureAccurately identify the problem in the previous surgery, restore the line before surgery, and hold the line again to complete the natural eye look like the first time.
2Optimal surgery methodProceed with the most suitable reoperation method considering the current condition after detailed examination.
3Minimal ScarLess scarring and quick recovery by minimizing tissue damage during surgery.


1Eye Specialist Eye specialist doctor is responsible from the consultation, surgery to post surgery check.
2Safe anesthesia systemAnesthesia and pain medicine specialists are stand by for intensive monitoring from before surgery until recovery after surgery.
3Systematic Scar Treatment Intensive management of scars in the surgical area through various lasers and ultrasound equipment

Q. When is the most effective time to do eye revision surgery?

6 months or 1 year
after previous surgery

When the tissue is recovered and
further surgery is possible

Inflammation completely gone

Eye Revision Surgery Method

Scar? No Worries!
Natural result

Low Double Eyelid Line

Before surgery

3 months after surgery

After loosening the knot of the existing double eyelid line,
improve it to an appropriate height according to the slightly higher line.

Sausage Eyes

Before surgery

3 months after surgery

It is improved by lowering the line of the existing double eyelid
or removing the tissue in the plump part like a sausage.

Eyes with Blurred or Loose Double Eyelid Lines

Before surgery

3 months after surgery

Remove the eyeball muscle or fat to improve a clear line after
holding the double eyelid line, the tissue between the old
double eyelid line and the new double eyelid line is removed if necessary.

Eyes with Multiple Double Eyelid Lines

Before surgery

3 months after surgery

By loosening the adherent tissue, all the existing
double eyelid lines are removed and the position of
the double eyelid line is repositioned for improvement.

Premium Eye Revision Surgery After Care

At View Plastic Surgery Clinic, dedicated management department
performs progress check and premium aftercare according to
individual recovery speed for faster recovery and more satisfactory results
after eye surgery.

1Deswelling Treatment Provides self-care training and products to help relieve swelling

2Dedicated Management Personalized management is carried out after treatment according to the recovery speed of each individual

3Progress Check Eye specialist plastic surgeon will check the surgical progress and recovery process

VIEW Surgery Process

In-depth consultation

Personalized consultation considering patient’s eye condition (ratio, skin, etc)

Design and Surgery Plan

Eyelid line designed to fit with patient’s images

Safe Surgery

Safe operation through collaboration between plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist

Intensive Care

Regular progress check by specialist doctor


After Surgery
Drug Prescription/
Self-care Kit
Deswelling Treatment

7 days after
Disinfecting surgical site and
suture removal

2 weeks after
Progress check-up by specialist

1~6 months after
Periodic progress check by the specialist doctor

Eye Revision Surgery FAQ

Is revision possible even if scars remain after surgery?

Yes, it is available. If the tissue or skin of the eyelid remains, the scarred part is cut and sutured to correct the double eyelid line and operate. A plastic surgeon’s delicate and accurate judgment is required to avoid removing too much tissue, so please consult with a medical team with experience in reoperation before deciding.

I previously had surgery through an incision, is it possible to re-operate with non-incisional method?

Even if the double eyelid surgery was initially performed using the incision method, reoperation is possible with the non-incisional method. However, if the skin is stretched or thick, or if the scar from the incision is severe, reoperation with the buried method may not be possible, and you can find out exactly through a face-to-face consultation.

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