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Short Chin (mandibular dwarfism) refers to a symptom in which the lower jaw bone
does not grow normally and appears to have no jaw due to its small size and short length.
Chin surgery is an operation that improves the shape and length of the tip of the chin
that is small or that has fallen back. Although the chin is an external concern, appropriate and
professional treatment is required as it has a considerable effect on pronunciation and
mastication function. VIEW derives healthy and beautiful results in a safe surgical environment by
comprehensively considering the occlusion of teeth, the shape of the bones, the thickness
of the bones, the elasticity of the skin, and the location of the nerve lines.


We proceed with VIEW short chin premium system for high-quality result.

VIEW Short Chin Surgery Features

1Trademark service right Patent for VIEW Face Off and Doll Line.
2High Precision Bone ScalpelThe precision and safety of surgery are improved by using the bone scarfel, an ultrasonic device that cuts bones.
3Personalized Surgery Plan Completion of an ideal face shape that satisfies both externally and functionally by analyzing the degree and type of asymmetry that differs from person to person.
4Double Jaw FirstUnlike conventional orthodontic surgery, double jaw surgery is performed first and then orthodontic treatment is performed to improve appearance and rapidly change tooth movement speed.
5Perform Occlusal Rotation SurgeryThe technology of rotating and pushing the upper and lower jaws during nano-two jaw surgery provides a slimmer face shape, beautiful teeth, and a natural expression.
64th Gen Nano Double Jaw SurgeryJaw function improvement + cosmetic effect increase (tooth and facial bone rearrangement, facial line improvement simultaneously)


1Facial Bone Dream Team Improve aesthetic and functional concern simultaneously by Facial Bone Dream Team.
2Stand by anesthesiologist1:1 dedicated anesthesia and surgical monitoring.
3Systematic ExaminationGeneral hospital grade examination equipments.
4Personalized After CarePersonalized management according to the speed of care recovery.
5Precise Diagnosis System 3D-CT Viewer and Morpheus 3D enable in-depth analysis and prediction of the patient’s current condition through 3D stereoscopic analysis and 3D virtual simulation.
6Personalized Beauty Care Differentiated customized management from swelling to texture and scar care

Short Chin Surgery Method

Key to short chin surgery? Surgery plan depending on the degree of chin protruding level.

Most of the cases of the chin are accompanied by symptoms of malocclusion such as a protruding mouth.
In order to derive the correct treatment result, it is necessary to establish a treatment plan suitable for the symptoms.

Chin Tip Surgery

If the occlusion of the teeth is normal and only the tip of the chin is retracted

Double Jaw Surgery

If the chin and malocclusion symptoms are accompanied

Three Jaw Surgery

In case of severe chin that cannot be improved with general protruding mouth surgery

** The exact treatment plan can be known after a diagnosis by specialist doctor.

Analyze the symptoms of each individual type and plan the surgical scope

Apply occlusal rotation technique to rotate the upper jaw and move it to the right position

Move after cutting the lower jaw to match the upper jaw alignment

Firmly fixed to prevent the osteotomy bone from moving

See Short Chin Surgery Method

Premium Double Jaw Care System

At View Plastic Surgery Clinic, dedicated management department
performs progress check and premium aftercare according to the
individual recovery speed for faster recovery and more satisfactory results
after contour surgery.

1Medication Prescription / GarglePain relief and minimal inflammation

2Swelling Injection Promote blood circulation and relieve edema

3Dead-skin ExfoliationRemoves skin waste and prepares skin texture

4Omega Light LaserBruising, pain reduction, skin regeneration effect

5RF High Frequency / Ultrasound Treatment Improve blood circulation and collagen production, reduce swelling

VIEW Surgery Process

Systematic Consultation

Identify the face shape desired by the customer and improvement points through sufficient consultation

Face Shape Analysis

Check the scope of improvement by analyzing customer data such as facial photos, X-rays, and CT in various ways

Design and Surgery Plan

Design will be made based on the consultation contents and patient analysis data

Safe Surgery

Creating a safe operating environment through collaboration between plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists


3 days after
Disinfection, progress check and shampoo service

1 week after
Skin exfoliation
APL treatment

2 weeks after
Suture removal
RF radio frequency or ultrasound treatment

1~6 months after
Periodic progress check
(CT + X-ray)

Short Chin Surgery FAQ

When can I start eating after jaw surgery?

Soft foods with ingredients can be eaten from 1 to 2 weeks, and spicy, salty, and stimulating foods, and tough and hard foods should be eaten 1 month after surgery.

When can I return to my daily life after jaw correction surgery?

On average, 3 to 4 weeks after surgery, daily activities such as going to work that do not consume a lot of physical strength are possible. After the operation, after 8 to 12 hours, simple indoor movements are possible, and the progress will be checked up to 2 weeks after the operation and wounds and edema will be managed.

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