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A breast examination is essential to check whether a lesion has occurred in my chest.
In general surgery (breast disease) of View Plastic Surgery Clinic, breast examination before and after breast augmentation is essential.
You can receive an accurate diagnosis and surgery from a specialist with extensive breast examination experience.


Specialist doctor with advanced examination skills will do

the treatment with general hospital grade equipment.

VIEW Breast Examination Features

1All implants with clinical test All implants approved by the US FDA and KFDA are available for experience and identification.
2Judgement through breast ultrasound General hospital-grade HD ultrasound equipment to predict the degree of abnormality of implants.
3Predicting Implant Abnormality Possible detailed examinations such as implant micro-rupture, shell, gel, and filling rate.


1Pre/post surgery examination In View, we check for breast cancer as well as implant rupture, capsular contracture, and inflammation, and operate a regular follow-up system.
2Ultrasound & Digital Precision Imaging Analyzing the presence of breast cancer and suspected breast lesion before and after surgery.
3Mammotome treatment Breast lesions that require removal are removed with minimal tissue damage without touching the breast implant.

Breast Examination Method

Mandatory Breast Examination before and after surgery

A medical examination and ultrasound examination are performed, biopsy could be additionally performed depending on the patient’s condition. These tests are necessary and mandatory to be done.

1Fine needle aspiration cytology
The cells of the breast lesion are collected with a thin needle and will be proceed by observing the occurrence under a microscope.

2Central needle biopsy
Increasing the accuracy of diagnosis by collecting several tissues by inserting a needle several times.

US FDA-approved machine to collect lesion tissue through a 3 to 5mm needle.

4Breast ultrasound
Advanced ultrasound equipment to examine patient breast to observe the breast condition and check if there is a lesion.

Breast ultrasound pictures after breast augmentation

Position and condition of the implant can be accurately checked by carefully examining the upper, lower, left, and right sides of the implant through ultrasound.

We show the patient both the up, down, left, and right directions and confirm that the implant is inserted without any problems.

Breast Examination Process

Clear Result

after examination:
VIEW regular follow up check

Abnormal Finding

Mammotome examination

Malignant Removal surgery in general hospital

Benign Removal surgery

Regular Check-up

Breast Examination FAQ

I’m worried about the recent breast implant issue, is it possible to prevent it with just a test?

General surgery (breast examination) specialists are stationed at the hospital to detect minute lesions, detailed breast diseases, and implant abnormalities through high-resolution ultrasound equipment, and provide diagnosis and preventive care.

How long should i get implant examination after breast augmentation?

After breast augmentation, you need to check whether there are any abnormalities in the implants or inside the breasts, so we recommend that you receive them regularly once every 1-2 years.

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