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VIEW Skin Booster is a procedure that helps restore skin’s natural health by injecting skin regeneration ingredients that improve fundamental skin problems into the skin.
It is effective in improving elasticity deep in the skin, and you can choose a suitable type according to your skin type and condition.


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Skin Booster Treatment Area

Changing the skin fundamental

Rejuran Healer

A rest for tired skin, skin healing injection

  • Moisture●●○○○
  • Regeneration●●●●●
  • Glowy●●○○○

1~1.5 Hours

Anesthetic Cream

No Down Time

3 Weeks

Expert Certification

Treatment Features

Repairing damaged skin with ingredients extracted from salmon DNA

A procedure that injects polynucleotides extracted from salmon DNA into the dermal layer of the skin,
which helps to improve the skin environment by promoting collagen regeneration in damaged skin.
You can see the effect of improving moisture and elasticity of the skin from the inside.

1st Treatment
(3~5 days)
Skin texture improvement,
oil-moisture balance restoration

2nd Treatment
(2~4 weeks)
Increase skin elasticity,
improve fine lines

3rd Treatment
(4~6 weeks)
Natural lifting,
volume improvement

4th Treatment
(6~8 weeks)
Restore skin health
with 10 effects

Better hydration than water glow injection!

Barbie Collagen

Long-lasting hyaluronic acid injection

  • Moisture●●●●●
  • Regeneration●●○○○
  • Glowy●●○○○

1 Hour

Anesthetic Cream

No Down Time

6~9 Months

Treatment Features

Improve skin dryness and fine wrinkles with only one treatment

In addition to replenishing differentiated moisture, it is a procedure that allows you to experience fine wrinkles, skin elasticity improvement, soft skin texture, and even skin tone.
With just one treatment, skin elasticity and skin tone can be improved, and it is characterized by less pain and increased durability.

  • Skin hydration
  • Collagen formation
  • Improvement of large pores
  • Improve skin tone
Rebooting skin from stem cell


Next-generation skin booster effective for various skin concerns

  • Moisture●●●●
  • Regeneration●●●●
  • Glowy●●●●●

1 Hour

Anesthetic Cream

No Down Time

6 Months~

Treatment Features

Stem cell-derived ingredients that improve the skin from the dermis layer

Exosomes are the cells in our body that play a role in signal transduction with surrounding cells.
Exosome injection is made by separating and purifying 0.5% exosomes from the cultivated stem cells, which has the function of regeneration.
It has a high concentration, thus it has excellent effect to improve skin troubles by injecting it into the skin.

  • Skin texture improvement
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Skin regeneration effect
  • Pore reduction

Skin Booster FAQ

Does it hurt?

There may be some pain and swelling depending on the individual, but it is a simple and safe procedure that subsides quickly and allows you to return to daily life immediately.

Is it available to receive multiple treatments like laser treatment?

Because the principle of action of laser and skin booster treatment is different, it is possible to perform a complex treatment on the same day, but it depends on the type of laser used, so it is recommended to proceed after consulting with the dermatologist.

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