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If the bridge of the nose is high but the tip of the nose is low or blunt,
it is a surgery to straighten the tip of the nose naturally and safely
without inserting artificial implants.
View Plastic Surgery completes a beautiful nose that enhances
the three-dimensional effect of the face by designing the most harmonious
nose angle, shape, and height for each individual.


We proceed with VIEW premium system for high-quality rhinoplasty result.

VIEW Nose Tip Surgery

13D-CT Precise DiagnosisPrecise and safe surgery optimized for each individual after precise analysis of cosmetic and functional problems of the nose.
2Ideal AnglesA balanced nose from any angles that fits your face.
3Ideal and harmonious lines Customized molding that harmonizes the shape and proportions of the bridge of the nose and tip of the nose


1Doll Line®Rhinoplasty Patent and Trademark Services Right.
2Rhinoplasty specialist Doctor specialist is responsible from consultation to surgery and progress check.
3Safe anesthesia systemAnesthesia and pain medicine specialists are stand by for intensive monitoring from before surgery until recovery after surgery.
4Systematic After Care TreatmentIntensive management of scars in the surgical area through various lasers and ultrasound equipment.

Nose Tip Surgery Surgery Method

In case the shape of the nose tip is common



If the tip of the nose is low and the bluntness is not severe, it is corrected by tying the gaping wing cartilage.

When the tip of the nose needs to be raised



If it is not effective just to collect the nasal tip cartilage and the tip of the nose needs to be raised, an appropriate material such as autologous cartilage or dermis is inserted into the tip of the nose.

When the tip of the nose needs to be strongly supported



In the case of a short nose or a long nose, the nose needs to be strongly supported, so additional cartilage is placed on top of the strongly supported cartilage.

Type of Autologous Cartilage

Ear Cartilage
It is a universally used autologous tissue that is mostly used for the purpose of extending the length of the tip of the nose or for the purpose of correcting the deformation of the cartilage of the tip of the nose.

Septum Cartilage
It is a wall-like structure inside the nostrils and is used to collect and use nasal septum cartilage during rhinoplasty.

Rib Cartilage
The chest cartilage is also used for rhinoplasty, and the parts used are numbered 6 to 10, and number 7 is mainly used because it is the longest and is applied.

Autologous Dermis
Dermal fat is mainly collected from the groin or tailbone area. When the skin on the bridge of the nose becomes very thin or the soft tissue of the nose is insufficient, it is filled under the skin on the bridge of the nose.

It is a fibrous membrane that covers the outside of the scalp and mainly uses the scalp fascia.
The inside of the scalp is incised and the temporal fascia is collected to alleviate the phenomenon of seepage.

Autologous cartilage that is often used

Ear Cartilage
It makes the shape of the tip of the nose naturally and has little bleed-through, so it
is the most preferred autologous tissue for nose tip shaping.

Septum Cartilage
Since it is collected from the inside of the nose , there is no separate scar and it is used often because the angle of the nose tip is easy to adjust.

Premium Rhinoplasty System

At View Plastic Surgery Clinic, dedicated management department
performs progress check and premium aftercare according to the
individual recovery speed for faster recovery and more satisfactory results
after contour surgery.

1Deswelling Treatment Provides self-care training and products to help relieve swelling.

2Dedicated Management Personalized management is carried out after treatment according to the recovery speed of each individual.

3Exfolation ManagementAfter surgery, we help remove waste products and sebum in VIEW Dermatology.

4Progress CheckA specialist plastic surgeon will check the surgical progress and recovery process

VIEW Surgery Process

In-depth consultation

Personalized consultation considering patient’s nose condition (shape, line, height, etc)

Precise Diagnosis

After checking the overall nose condition before surgery, proceed with virtual 3D simulation

Design and Surgery Plan

Optimal design and design reflecting the patient’s specificity and goals

Safe Surgery

Safe operation according to individual surgical method

Intensive Care

Regular progress check by VIEW specialist doctor


After Surgery
Drug Prescription/
Self-care Kit
Deswelling Treatment

3 days after
Disinfecting surgical area and nasal swab removal

7 days after
Suture removal and progress check
Remove nose tape
Nasal Exfoliation and Regerenating Laser

1~6 months after
Periodic progress check by the specialist doctor

Nose Tip Surgery FAQ

Does it leave many scar?

In rhinoplasty, the incision is made in the nasal passage area and inside the nose, but since it is a small and invisible area, few people are concerned about scarring. The incision site may feel red for about a month, but it becomes almost invisible after 2-3 months, and you do not have to worry about it as we will manage it according to the condition of the scar.

Where is the cartilage used for rhinoplasty collected from?

As a material for raising the nose, nasal septum cartilage or ear cartilage located in the center of the nose is commonly used. In case of reoperation or insufficient materials, costal cartilage is collected from the ribs and used.

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