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Breast biopsy and breast tumor tissue removal are perfect!

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Biopsy and removal of benign tumors can be done at once without surgery,
Mammotome is a device that can diagnose and treat at the same time.
While watching the ultrasound, a small incision about 3~5mm will be made and
needle will be inserted. The tissue will be removed by using a vacuum suction.

Mammotome operation indications

(symptoms that are expected to have therapeutic effects with mammotome)

Family history with breast cancer

Size of the tumor is more than 2cm

Tumor grows rapidly during follow-up

Breast shape is not good

Large number of tumors

Lump is easily palpable from the outside

The examination result comes out positive but was diagnosed as a high-risk lesion.


Specialist doctor with advanced examination skills will do
the treatment with general hospital grade equipment.

VIEW Mammotome Features

1Fast and accurate tissue harvesting by cutting method Sufficient tissue is collected through accurate biopsy, and benign/malignant as well as detailed histological types are classified.
2Even difficult dense breasts are possible Suitable for Korean women with hard and dense breasts, and tissue collection is possible with little pain.
3Micro-incision, almost no scar after the procedure Through a small incision, the needle is inserted only once under ultrasound guidance to minimize the worry of scarring.


1Pre/post surgery examination In View, we check for breast cancer as well as implant rupture, capsular contracture, and inflammation, and operate a regular follow-up system.
2Ultrasound & Digital Precision Imaging Analyzing the presence of breast cancer and suspected breast lesion before and after surgery.
3Mammotome treatment Breast lesions that require removal are removed with minimal tissue damage without touching the breast implant.

Breast Examination Process

Clear Result

after examination:
VIEW regular follow up check

Abnormal Finding

Mammotome examination

Malignant Removal surgery in general hospital

Benign Removal surgery

Regular Check-up

Mammotome FAQ

Are there any side effects after Mammotome surgery?

Because it is performed by inserting a fine needle instead of a surgical incision, discomfort or side effects after surgery can be minimized. Occasionally, bruising or hard feeling may appear, but it is not a side effect of surgery, but a natural phenomenon that improves over time.

Do I need to be hospitalized after Mammotome surgery?

Although it does not strain the body enough to be discharged immediately after surgery, hospitalization and observation may be required on the same day depending on the number or size of the removed tumors and the patient’s condition.

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