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View slimming is a procedure that changes the overall body shape along with size reduction.
The slimming effect can be maintained for a long time because the yo-yo effect is small because the individual’s obesity is measured and the treatment is customized to fit the body type. All procedures are non-surgical, so the treatment time is short, daily life is possible immediately after the procedure, and above all, satisfactory results can be obtained for a reasonable cost.


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Size reduction no matter where you want it

Body fit injection (lipolysis injection)

Helps to break down fat in the flabby area and excrete it from the body

  • Use of approved and safe obesity injections
  • 1:1 personalized prescription
  • Immediate effect

30 Mins

No Anesthesia

No Down Time

2 Weeks

Treatment Features

Obesity correction solution that reduces the size of the desired area without surgery

It is a 1:1 customized treatment that helps to break down fat in the flabby area and discharge it into the body. It is characterized by promoting lymph circulation, helping the body waste and fat to be discharged well, and is effective in reducing edema and cellulite.

  • Promote lymphatic circulation
  • Edema reduction
  • Fat removal
  • Reduce cellulite

Combine it with Body Fit Injection for better result!

Lifting injection (promoting collagen synthesis)

VIEW obesity injection is safe!


European EMA


View obesity injection is a safe and healthy obesity treatment approved by the US FDA, European EMA, and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a dietary and exercise therapy supplement for the treatment of obesity.

Body Fit Injection Treatment Area

Genuine Ultherapy, NO reuse tips!
A strong body line! body lifting without surgery

Body Ultherapy

Lifting elasticity up with just one time! size down!

  • US FDA Approved Laser
  • Non-invasive lifting
  • Immediate effect

1 Hour

Anesthetic Cream

No Down Time

Immediate or 2 Weeks

Treatment Features

Body lifting solution that improves skin elasticity with high-intensity ultrasound

Lifting that can create a firm and smooth body line by improving the elasticity of the epidermis, dermis, fascia, and muscle layer with the principle of hifu (high Intensity Focused Ultrasound), which collects high-intensity ultrasound energy and burns it to a certain depth under the skin with the heat. It is an operation. It can be applied to various parts of the body such as forearms, abdomen, thighs, elbows and knees that are sagging and drooping without elasticity, and is effective in increasing skin elasticity.

  • Body tightening
  • Improve elasticity
  • Fat cell reduction
  • Improves skin bumpiness

Body Ultherapy Treatment Area

Body lifting without surgery to improve body elasticity

Body Shurink

Lifting elasticity up with just one time! size down!

  • Efficacy and safety approved by K-FDA
  • Non-invasive lifting
  • Quick procedure

15~20 Mins

Anesthetic Cream

No Down Time

1 Month

Treatment Features

Body lifting solution that lifts the skin outside and pulls the inside

It is a procedure that can lift even the smas layer between the subcutaneous fat layer and the muscle layer, and you can see the elastic and smooth lifting effect inside and out of the skin. The 6mm and 9mm cartridges deliver strong ultrasound to the fibrous tissue of the lower dermis and fat layer to improve body elasticity, such as the abdomen and thighs, which are thick areas of the body.

  • Body tightening
  • Improve elasticity
  • Fat cell reduction
  • Improves skin bumpiness

Body Shurink Treatment Area

Slimming Solution FAQ

How long does it take for obesity surgery to be effective?

Since all obesity procedures are auxiliary, it is recommended to combine exercise and diet control, and it is recommended that the injection procedure be performed for at least a month or more to reduce the size of a specific area and decompose cellulite rather than overall weight loss.

What is the difference between Body Shrink and Body Ultherapy?

The principle of both procedures is the same, but the strength and tip are adjusted so that the area is wide and the fat layer is suitable for the body. The difference is that Shrink is a procedure approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and Ultherapy is a laser approved by the US FDA, both of which are sufficiently certified in terms of safety and effectiveness.

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