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VIEW PLASTIC SURGERY “Safe Smart Building”
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Fl.15 Dentist

During double jaw/facial contour surgery, we provide satisfactory surgical results through more professional planning by analyzing the patient’s condition more closely through a cooperative system through cooperative dental treatment such as dental occlusion and temporomandibular joint health.

Fl.14 Dermatology

Precisely analyzing each individual’s skin condition and skin concerns, we are helping to maintain clean and healthy skin through a 1:1 customized care system and the latest laser equipment.

Fl.13 Breast and Treatment Center

We have established an in-hospital breast center to help maintain healthy breasts through breast examinations before and after breast surgery, including breast examinations and ultrasound examinations. In addition, we help you recover quickly and return to daily life with a systematic progress, treatment and follow-up management system after surgery.

Fl. 11,12 Surgery Center

We provide safe and satisfactory surgical results. We also have established standby anesthesiologists, 1:1 responsible anesthesia, real-name surgery, general hospital-level medical equipment, and a safety system in case of emergencies.

Fl.9 Education Center

We are continuously researching and striving for the development of plastic surgery through regular in-hospital academic activities, seminars and conferences.

Fl. 8,10 Patient Wards

Comfortable patient wards and providing high-quality nursing services. We check customer condition in real-time 24 hours a day to help them recover quickly.

Fl.7 VIP Room

High-class hotel-class VIP room with luxurious interiors and excellent views. Under the care of a 24-hour in-hospital nurse, you will have a comfortable and faster recovery in a safe environment.

Fl.4-5 Consultation Center

With the customer’s movement in mind, it has been built so that consultation, examination, and treatment can be conveniently received as ONE-STOP service. Prior to surgery, a comprehensive and systematic check-up is performed in consideration of safety and results through a variety of advanced equipment.

Fl.1 Receptionist / Lobby

Convenience waiting space for patients. We will help and guide you to each floor according to treatment area.

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There may be complications such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery. Subjective satisfaction may vary between individuals.