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Aesthetic and functional concern simultaneously!

Orthognathic surgery is a surgical method that improves skeletal malocclusions such as protruding mouth, chin, and facial asymmetry.
Because it is necessary to correct the position by excising the abnormally grown jawbone and to derive external and functional improvement by refining the line, it is necessary to find an experienced specialist.
VIEW creates safe and healthy surgical results through organic collaboration between plastic surgeons, dentists, and anesthesiologists.

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VIEW Orthognathic Surgery considers both functional improvement and appearance improvement.


One-stop service from surgery, recovery, and follow-up care is carried out in cooperation with high-level specialists in each field.

VIEW Double Jaw Features

1Trademark service right Patent for VIEW Face Off and Doll Line.
2High Precision Bone ScalpelThe precision and safety of surgery are improved by using the bone scarfel, an ultrasonic device that cuts bones.
3Personalized Surgery Plan Completion of an ideal face shape that satisfies both externally and functionally by analyzing the degree and type of asymmetry that differs from person to person.
4Double Jaw FirstUnlike conventional orthodontic surgery, double jaw surgery is performed first and then orthodontic treatment is performed to improve appearance and rapidly change tooth movement speed.
5Perform Occlusal Rotation SurgeryThe technology of rotating and pushing the upper and lower jaws during nano-two jaw surgery provides a slimmer face shape, beautiful teeth, and a natural expression.
64th Gen Nano Double Jaw SurgeryJaw function improvement + cosmetic effect increase (tooth and facial bone rearrangement, facial line improvement simultaneously)


1Facial Bone Dream Team Improve aesthetic and functional concern simultaneously by Facial Bone Dream Team.
2Stand by anesthesiologist1:1 dedicated anesthesia and surgical monitoring.
3Systematic ExaminationGeneral hospital grade examination equipments.
4Personalized After CarePersonalized management according to the speed of care recovery.
5Precise Diagnosis System 3D-CT Viewer and Morpheus 3D enable in-depth analysis and prediction of the patient’s current condition through 3D stereoscopic analysis and 3D virtual simulation.
6Personalized Beauty Care Differentiated customized management from swelling to texture and scar care

VIEW 3D Precise Diagnosis System

View Plastic Surgery Contour Surgery accurately identifies teeth, bone facial balance, jaw and tooth size, occlusion, and soft tissue through 3D-CT Viewer, a 3D precision diagnostic system.
In addition, after scanning the face through Morpheus 3D, 3D virtual simulation can be performed to predict the change after surgery in 3D.
Thus, a precise 1:1 customized surgery plan is in progress and high-quality surgery results can be obtained.

VIEW Double Jaw Surgery

VIEW Double Jaw
Resolving the functional and aesthetic complex of skeletal malocclusion

Facial Asymmetry
Facial balance properly and beautifully

Lantern Jaw
Delicate jaw line that comes alive considering the jawbone and teeth

Short Chin
Dramatic transformation of the small and poor jaw line!

Long Face
Customized proportions that are reduced without errors!

Protruding Mouth
Balanced teeth structure and three-dimensional face line

Three Jaw Surgery
Protruding mouth and double jaw surgery simultaneously

Double Jaw Revision Surgery
Completely improved the problems from previous surgery with high-level surgery!

Premium Double Jaw After Care

At View Plastic Surgery Clinic, dedicated management department
performs progress check and premium aftercare according to the
individual recovery speed for faster recovery and more satisfactory results
after contour surgery.

1Medication Prescription / GarglePain relief and minimal inflammation

2Swelling Injection Promote blood circulation and relieve edema

3Dead-skin ExfoliationRemoves skin waste and prepares skin texture

4Omega Light LaserBruising, pain reduction, skin regeneration effect

5RF High Frequency / Ultrasound Treatment Improve blood circulation and collagen production, reduce swelling

19 Floors
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General hospital scale safety system!
19 Floors Medical System

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Personalized Premium Double Jaw Program

Facial Bone Dream Team

Plastic surgery + Anesthesia + Dentist department
One stop service from consultation, surgery to post-surgery follow up.

3D Precise Diagnosis System

Establish a delicate and safe treatment plan and predict before and after surgery based on 3D precision analysis.

Harmonious Face

Based on the golden ratio of the face, it creates a harmonious and balanced face as a whole.

1:1 Customized Facial Contouring

Surgery plan is made according to the patient’s condition after checking the skeletal structure, the thickness of fat, and the level of muscle development.

Deswelling Treatment

View will take care of you with recovery injections and swelling injections to remove swelling and help circulation after surgery.

Continuous Follow-up

In order to prevent side effects and recover quickly, we check the condition of the face through a steady progress check by the surgeon along with customized follow-up care for the patient.

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View Plastic Surgery's medical technology,

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There may be complications such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery. Subjective satisfaction may vary between individuals.