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Our systematic and high-quality premium care
helps you for a quick recovery

VIEW After Care Program

View Plastic Surgery helps patients to speed up recovery through
regular feedback from the medical staff and
continuous management of the dedicated management department.


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Facial Bone

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Breast Surgery Premium Care

“View” is providing premium management for more resilient and healthy breasts
through customized follow-up care by the dedicated management department.
During breast surgery, regular progress check, breast ultrasound, and X-ray imaging
are used to diagnose the condition of the implant
(prosthesis breakage, prevention of spherical contracture, etc.)

2~3 days
after surgery
Shower and daily life are possible
(except areola and breast underline incision)

2 weeks
after surgery
Stitch removal, chest care training,
progress check, breast mask,
high frequency management

1 month
after surgery
Periodic progress check
ultrasound examination

6 months~1 year
after surgery
Breast examination,
ultrasound examination,
scar laser management 3 times

Face Contouring / Double Jaw Premium Care

After contour surgery, customized care and progress check are performed according to the individual’s recovery speed.
We manage swelling by promoting blood circulation with high frequency or ultrasound,
and reduce bruising and pain with laser treatment.
Because there is a risk of inflammation in the area after surgery, washing is prohibited.
During the recovery period, we help with regeneration management and
removal of waste and dead skin cells
so that the skin does not get damaged.

3 days
after surgery
Shampoo management after
disinfection and progress check

1 week
after surgery
APL or infrared treatment for cleansing and exfoliation,
skin regeneration and
swelling relief

2 weeks
after surgery
High frequency or ultrasonic
treatment to help with cleansing and quick recovery and swelling relief

1~6 months
after surgery
Periodic progress check
CT + X-ray

Eye / Nose Surgery Premium Care

Systematic follow-up is carried out to speed up recovery after eye/nose surgery and reduce worries about scarring.
The eyes provide self-care education and products that help relieve swelling, and the
nose removes wastes and dead skin cells to help you quickly return to daily life and achieve beauty.

Same day
after surgery
Self-care training and
swelling relief pack provided

3 days
after surgery
suture removal
and progress check
nose dressing

1 week
after surgery
Stitch removal and progress check
Removal of nasal waste after removing the nasal splint
(clear lotion, skin scrubber, regenerative laser)

1 ~ 6 months
after surgery
Regular progress check

Lifting Premium Care

In order to achieve quick recovery and beauty in a systematic system,
the dedicated management department manages post-operative swelling and scars,
and completes a more resilient face line through high frequency or APL management.

3 days
after surgery
Shampoo management after disinfection and progress check

1 week
after surgery
APL or radio frequency management to help skin regenerate and relieve swelling

2 weeks
after surgery
APL management that helps remove stitches, quick recovery and skin regeneration

1 ~ 6 months
after surgery
Regular progress check

VIEW After Service

In order to minimize the discomfort after surgery, we pay more attention and provide a variety of services.

1Hotel PartnersProviding hotel-linked services to customers from abroad.

2Quick CareSelf-massage training is provided in case of intensive management breast augmentation according to individual schedules as an accelerated management program provided to customers who cannot visit the hospital after surgery.

3International ServiceVarious foreign languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese are available.

4Airport TransfersLimousine taxis are provided so that you can return home safely after surgery.

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There may be complications such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery. Subjective satisfaction may vary between individuals.