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The basics of a nice face shape are ‘balance’
Considering the width and length of the face, a soft but masculine male line!

1~3 Hours

General Anesthesia

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1 Day Admission

2 Weeks

2 Weeks

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What is important in male contouring surgery is to design the ideal face shape considering the male facial skeleton and lines.
“View” designs a face shape suitable for an individual’s image by comprehensively considering the size and proportions of the face, bone thickness, skin elasticity, and the location of nerve lines.


Smooth and natural results!
Pretty and high quality result

VIEW Male Facial Contouring Features

1Trademark ServicesTrademark service right from the Korean Intellectual Property Office for Facial Contour Surgery
2Grand Awards in Facial ContouringMedical Asia 2018 11th Korea Global Medical Service Facial Contouring Category Grand Award
3High-grade Resection Completion of a smooth jawline with high-level resection by a contouring surgeon
4Sophisticated Technology High-quality results are obtained with the sophisticated technology of an experienced facial contouring specialist


1Real name system Simultaneous functional and cosmetic improvement through cooperation of the Facial Bone Dream Team
2Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine 1:1 dedicated anesthesia and surgery Monitoring enforcement
3Systematic Examination In hospital pre-surgery test is available with general hospital grade equipments
4Customized Post-surgery CareDifferentiated customized management from swelling, txture and scar care

Male Facial Contouring Surgery Method

Because men and women have different
facial skeletons and desires!
Personalized face design
improves attractiveness

Zygoma Reduction

Removal of the maximum protrusion of the cheekbones and rearrangement to design a small and three-dimensional face

Square Jaw Surgery

Smooth jawline design by gently cutting a long curve from the bottom of the ear to the front chin

Front Chin Surgery

A natural chin line design by applying an appropriate surgical method according to the shape of the chin

Eliminate unnecessary moderation and
add a slim line!

To make a slimmer line, if necessary, you can increase the effect by removing fat from the cortical bone and deep cheeks, and reducing muscle.

1Cortical Bone Reduction
Effective thickness reduction by removing the cortex on the outside of the jawbone

2Buccal Fat Removal
Smoothly volume up by removing the curved fat layer on the cheek area

3Muscle Reduction
The effect of reducing the volume of the jaw by reducing the developed masticatory muscles

**Additional procedures according to the surgeon’s diagnosis.

Male Facial Contouring Premium Care System

1Medication Prescription / Gargle ProvidedPain relief and minimal inflammation

2Swelling Injection Promote blood circulation and relieve edema

3Exfoliation Management Removes skin waste and prepares skin texture

4Omega Light Laser Care Bruising, pain reduction, skin regeneration effect

5RF high frequency/ultrasound management Promote blood circulation and collagen production, reduce swelling

VIEW Surgery Process

In-depth consultation

Detailed consultation in consideration of the patient’s desired nose shape, line, and height

Face shape analysis

Check the scope of improvement by analyzing customer data such as facial photos, X-rays, and CT in various ways

Design and prediction

Based on the consultation contents and analysis data, a face shape design suitable for the customer’s image

Safe Surgery

Creating a safe operating environment through collaboration between plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists


3 days after
After disinfection and progress check
Shampoo care

1 week later
After removing stitches, it helps to cleanse and remove dead skin cells, regenerate the skin and relieve swelling.
APL or infrared management

2 weeks after
RF radio frequency or ultrasonic treatment to aid in cleansing and recovery

1~6 months later
Periodic progress check (CT + X-ray)

Male Facial Contouring FAQ

Contour surgery to cut bones, no worries about nerve damage?

Precise surgery is possible because it uses “Bone Scalpel”, an ultrasonic device that cuts bones in response to only bone tissue, and since it is a device that responds only to bone, it protects surrounding blood vessels and nerves, thereby reducing concerns about tissue damage and bleeding.

How long does it take to settle in after contouring surgery?

Daily life after surgery is possible after 7-10 days, and it takes about 2-3 months for the swelling to subside and settle naturally. For a faster and more thorough recovery, the facial bone management team systematically helps with post-surgery management.

19 Floors
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General hospital scale safety system!
19 Floors Medical System

Virtual Tour

Male Surgery BEFORE & AFTER

Customized “Facial Contouring” Premium Program

Facial Bone Dream Team

Plastic Surgery+Anesthesia+Collaborative Dentistry One-stop Process from consultation – diagnosis – surgery plan – surgery – post surgery treatment

3D Precision Diagnosis System

Based on three-dimensional precision analysis, you can establish a delicate and safe treatment plan and predict before and after surgery

Harmonious Face

Based on the golden ratio of the face, it creates a harmonious and balanced face as a whole

1:1 Customized Facial Contouring Surgery

According to the patient’s condition, the skeletal structure, fat thickness, and muscle development level are carefully checked before making a surgical plan.

Swell Management

After surgery, we will take care of you with recovery injections and swelling injections to remove swelling and help circulation

Continuous Management System

we check the condition of the face through a steady progress check by the surgeon along with customized follow-up care in order to prevent side effects and recover quickly

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There may be complications such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery. Subjective satisfaction may vary between individuals.