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Facial liposuction can give you a smooth and tidy impression when you remove an appropriate amount of fat from the cheeks and chin.
However, if excessive amount is inhaled, presbyopia or left-right asymmetry may occur, so surgery must be performed by a skilled specialist.
View face liposuction focuses on the line for each part and performs 1:1 customized treatment considering the amount of fat, sagging, and muscle condition.
Personalized liposuction is possible on the cheeks and chin, and you can expect a changed contour and V-line.


We proceed with VIEW premium liposuction
for high-quality result.

VIEW Face Liposuction Features

1Tight without sagging Minimizes skin sagging after liposuction by removing fat without damaging the subcutaneous fibrous tissue that maintains skin elasticity.
2Microcannula Minimizes damage to surrounding tissues and nerves by using a long microcannula with a round tip, and enables rapid recovery without injury by selectively removing only fat.
3Pure fat, less bleeding Clearer effect and faster recovery by removing pure fat only.


1Liposuction specialistOnly liposuction specialist doctor is responsible from the consultation, surgery to post surgery check.
2Safe anesthesia system Anesthesia and pain medicine specialists are stand by for intensive monitoring from before surgery until recovery after surgery.
3Systematic follow-up Provides follow-up care for fast recovery, weight loss, and elastic lines through various laser equipment including APL and high frequency.

Liposuction Area

Find your slim face line!

View face liposuction minimizes the damage to surrounding tissues during suction. The amount of bleeding during the suction process is also small, because only fat cells are selectively absorbed safely and evenly, which minimizes swelling and bruising after surgery.It helps you quickly recover from your daily life.

Surgery Method

Mechanical Liposuction

This is the most popular device, and it is a method that absorbs fat from the body by applying a negative pressure of about 760mmHg (1 atm).
Using a suction tube, the piston moves back and forth to break down the fat finely. It has the advantage of reducing the burden on the scar after surgery as only a small incision of about 5mm will be sufficient for the operation.
In addition, it is suitable for use when fine control of the amount of suction is required or when liposuction using ultrasound is used to decompose and suck out fat.


This is a procedure that melts fat cells by irradiating the Accu Sculpt laser with a wavelength of 1444nm to the contours and wrinkles you want to improve.
It has been approved by the US FDA and is safe. In particular, it stimulates the dermis layer of the skin when used on the face, so it is effective in improving elasticity as well as liposuction, which is good for wrinkle improvement.
In addition, no incisions are made during surgery, so pain, swelling, and bruising can be minimized.

High Frequency Liposuction

This is a method to selectively destroy fat by generating ultrasonic waves of about 16,000 Hz at the tip of the liposuction tube.
It has the advantage of stably inhaling more fat by minimizing bleeding and tissue damage.
In addition, the action of ultrasound helps to bring about a contractile action on the skin surface, making the skin smooth after surgery. However, if the intensity of ultrasound is too high, it may cause burns due to exothermic reaction and it takes a long time to melt fat. Therefore, it is necessary to properly adjust the intensity and use time of ultrasound according to the treatment site and the degree of obesity. do.

Vibration Liposuction

It is a device that uses compressed air to make the suction tube vibrate back and forth hundreds of times per second to quickly decompose fat cells and facilitate suction.
With strong vibration power, fat deep in the skin can be sucked and a large amount of fat can be sucked in a short time.
However, it is difficult to fine-tune it due to the vibration of the suction tube, so it is important to select a specialist with abundant experience.

Liposuction Premium After-care Program

1APL Treatment Helps relieve swelling and manage inflammation after surgery.

2High Frequency Treatment It helps to remove waste products from the body, relieve swelling, and prevent pigmentation.

3Obesity Management Precription We will prescribe customized diet pills in consideration of individual body type, eating habits, and lifestyle.

VIEW Surgery Process

In-depth Consultation

Detailed customized counseling such as checking the patient’s eating habits, body type, and skin elasticity

Precise Diagnosis

In-body test, blood test, electrocardiogram test, chest radiography test will be done before surgery

Design and Surgery Plan

Optimal design and design reflecting the patient’s specificity and goals

Safe Surgery

Safe operation according to the surgical method suitable for the characteristics of each area

Intensive Care

Regular progress check and premium intensive care


1 day after
Applying ointment and attaching a waterproof band Compression garments begin to take off for 1 to 2 hours or more a day

2 days after
Apply ointment and attach waterproof band, shower and daily life available

7 days after
Applying ointment and dressing with waterproof band, progress check, high frequency treatment

2 weeks after
Suture removal, light exercise, diet control, high frequency treatment

1 month after
Progress check, high frequency treatment

Face Liposuction FAQ

Does your face sag after liposuction?

As you can see the lifting effect while removing double chin and sagging cheeks, you can see the effect of looking resilient.

When will the bruises go away after facial liposuction?

In the case of bruising or large swelling, it usually disappears after about 2 weeks, and in the case of residual swelling, it may last for 2 to 3 months.

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