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View Brightening aims to provide a transparent glow from within the skin by combining a complex brightening laser tailored to individual circumstances and an intensive care program.
In addition, it removes blemishes such as blemishes and freckles to not only correct skin tone but also improve skin texture to be clear and smooth.


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Brightening Area of Treatment

Effectively improve each type of skin disease in a short time with light

Cellec V

Achieve flawless skin that is transparent and clear with the power of light

  • Treatment of various skin diseases
  • Complete with flawless skin without heat damage
  • Relatively short treatment time

30 Mins

No Anesthesia

No Down Time

More than 5 Sessions

Treatment Features

Various dual wavelength filters, improve various types skin diseases

Cellec V uses multiple wavelengths of light to precisely treat a variety of skin lesions, whereas conventional lasers treat only one specific skin disease with a single wavelength of light.
It is effective not only for enlarged blood vessels, freckles, and blemishes, but also for pore reduction and fine wrinkles.

Treatment Effects

  • Improve scars
  • Improve pigmentation
  • Elasticity enhancement
  • Blemish treatment
  • Face Redness treatment
  • Pore reduction
Optimized for removing blemishes and freckles

Ruby Touch

Effective pigment treatment possible without worrying about pain or side effects

  • Dramatic effect with 1 or 2 treatments
  • Low post-procedure inflammatory
  • Less pain

1~1.5 Hours

Anesthetic Cream

No Down Time

More than 5 Sessions

Treatment Features

10x stronger melanin absorption rate!

Selectively remove pigment cells

The procedure selectively removes melanocytes by instantaneously irradiating a laser with a wavelength with excellent melanin absorption to the skin.
freckles and blemishes can be removed with little damage to the skin, because it does not affect blood vessels and is absorbed only by melanin pigment.

Treatment Effects

  • Melasma, Ota nevus improvement
  • Improvement of freckles and age spots
  • Collagen regeneration
  • Removal of melanin pigment selection
Melasma & freckles & blemish relief With self-luminous, bright skin tone!

White Toning (1064nm)

A blemish eraser that selectively removes melanin deep in the skin

  • FDA Approved Equipment
  • Minimize damage to surrounding tissue
  • No Down Time

30 Mins

No Anesthesia

No Down Time

More than 10 Sessions

Treatment Features

Evenly bright skin tone created by repetitive laser beams

White toning selectively destroys and removes only the melanin pigment deep in the skin and minimizes damage to the melanocytes themselves or surrounding tissues, so it is particularly effective in treating melasma.
It improves freckles, blemishes, and blemishes, as well as relieves hyperpigmentation and improves skin tone.

Treatment Effects

  • skin tone correction
  • Melasma improvement
  • Relieves freckles and blemishes
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
Removal of blemishes and improvement of elasticity of the skin at the same time!

Genesis Dual Toning

Treatment of pigment disease according to skin condition

  • FDA Approved Equipment
  • Use of FDA-approved genuine device
  • Apply to various areas

30 Mins

No Anesthesia

No Down Time

More than 10 Sessions

Treatment Features

Reviving constant energy and elasticity in each stage

Thermal energy lifting and laser toning are two types of lasers that work together to maximize the elasticity of the skin as well as even skin tone from the inside out.
It has an excellent dual effect in improving fine lines, spots, and pigmentation by delivering high energy of 45J per second. it also minimizes irritation or pain by minimizing damage to surrounding tissues.

Treatment Effect

  • Pigmentation improvement
  • Increase elasticity
  • Melasma improvement
  • Improve fine lines
  • Skin tone improvement

Brightening FAQ

Is there any side effect after treatment?

There may be some bruising and swelling depending on the individual, but it subsides quickly and is usually safe enough to return to daily life immediately after the procedure.

How many times should i get to see the result?

The treatment is customized to each individual’s skin condition through customized consultation, and the effect of laser treatment can be seen after about 5 sessions.

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