VIEW Face Contouring Revision Surgery

Improving unsatisfactory result from previous surgery
and deformed bones by detail precision analysis

Depends on
Surgery Method

General Anesthesia

1 Day

2 Weeks

2 Weeks

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VIEW Facial Contouring Revision Surgery improves functional problems or unsatisfactory result from previous surgery.
Revision surgery will be done after detailed precision examination for high-quality result.


VIEW helps to improve unsatisfactory result,
functional problem from previous surgery.
VIEW Facial Contouring Revision Surgery

VIEW Facial Contouring Revision Surgery Features

1Trademark service rights Acquire Face Contouring Surgery Patent
2Grand Awards Facial ContouringGrand Award on The 11th Korea Global Medical Service Medical Asia 2018 in Facial Contouring Category
3High-grade EquipmentsSafe surgery with high-quality result can be achieved with high-grade equipments used by experienced specialist doctor.
4Detailed Examination Precise examination before surgery is using general hospital-level equipment such as 3D-CT


1Facial bone Dream Team Improve functional and aesthetic with Facial bone dream team simultaneously
2Stand by anesthesiologist1:1 dedicated anesthesia and intensive monitoring
3Customized after care Personalized management according to individual recovery speed from swelling, texture to scar care

Facial Contouring Revision Surgery Method

Accurately analyze patient condition through facial photographs, X-rays, and CT to identify problems from previous surgeries to design effective surgery plan.

Less unnecessary bone removal

  • 1Check the additional resection range, after comprehensively considering the proportions of the face, bone thickness, skin elasticity, and the location of nerve lines
  • 2Smoothly finish and remove unnecessary bone

Excessively cut necessary bone

  • 1Analyzing face picture, x-ray, CT, etc result for reconstruction plan
  • 2Produce bone cement mold for reconstruction surgery
  • 3Recover the excessively excised area

It will be your last revision surgery!

Revision surgery requires the extraordinary skills from experienced specialist doctor.
Doctor needs to comprehensively analyze the external and functional problems from the previous surgery.
It is also not easy to separate the deformed facial bones and tissues.
VIEW revision surgery plan is designed after a long sufficient consultation and detailed analysis.

Zygoma Revision Surgery

Before revision surgery

6 months after revision

Square Jaw Reduction Revision Surgery

Before revision surgery

6 months after revision

Premium Face Contouring Revision Surgery After Care

At View Plastic Surgery, dedicated management department performs
progress check and premium aftercare according to the individual
recovery speed, for faster recovery and more satisfactory results after surgery.

1 Medical Treatments / GarglePain relief and minimal inflammation

2Swelling InjectionPromote blood circulation and relieve edema (If Necessary)

3Dead-skin Exfoliation
Removes skin waste and prepares skin texture

4Omega Light Laser
Bruising, pain reduction, skin regeneration effect

5RF High Frequency / Ultrasound Treatment Improve blood circulation and collagen production, reduce swelling

VIEW Surgery Process

Systematic Consultation

Identify the face shape desired by the customer and improvement points through sufficient consultation

Face Shape Analysis

Check the scope of improvement by analyzing customer data such as facial photos, X-rays, and CT in various ways

Design and Surgery Plan

Design will be made based on the consultation contents and patient analysis data

Safe Surgery

Creating a safe operating environment through collaboration between plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists


3 days after
Disinfection, progress check and shampoo service

1 week after
APL or infrared management that helps cleanse and remove dead skin cells, regenerate skin and relieve swelling

2 weeks after
Suture removal
RF radio frequency or ultrasonic treatment

1~6 months after
Periodic progress check
(CT + X-ray)

Facial Contouring Revision Surgery FAQ

Does the bone grow back after being cut?

If the square jaw is removed normally, the jaw bone does not grow back. However, when the masticatory muscles develop later, there are cases where the jaw appears to have grown. In this case, it can be solved by shrinking the masticatory muscles with Botox.

Can I eat or drink after surgery?

It is difficult to chew food immediately after surgery. During the recovery period, you should eat soft liquid foods such as porridge and rice to avoid straining your jaw.

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