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View Skin/Petit is a non-surgical method that provides a simple and quick treatment effect. It gives volume to a flat face shape and a more three-dimensional wrinkle improvement effect while considering the overall balance.


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View skin / petite treatment is special based on years of experience.
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Quickly and easily erase wrinkles and save lines

Botox / Skin Botox

Make wrinkles and muscles in various areas simple and beautiful without surgery

  • Short treatment time
  • Less bruising or swelling
  • No Down Time

5~10 Mins


No Down Time

2 Weeks

Treatment Features

Improve unnecessary muscles and wrinkles!

General Botox focuses on muscle and Skin Botox focuses on skin elasticity. Skin Botox, which is injected shallowly into the skin layer, hardly causes muscle paralysis, and is applied only to the skin to improve skin elasticity, relieve fine wrinkles, and reduce pores.

Botox VS Skin Botox
Inject a small amount of Botox into the skin muscle. Principle Botox is injected extensively in small amounts into the dermis layer of the skin.
Areas where wrinkles occur due to facial expressions
(eye area, forehead, forehead, nasolabial fold, chin, calf, trapezius, etc.)
Area The entire area of the face with loss of elasticity
(eye area, cheeks, under the chin, neck wrinkles, etc)
Relieve wrinkle Effect Improvement of fine lines, skin elasticity

Botox / Skin Botox Treatment Area

View participates in the relief filler campaign
Filling the volume of the plump face


Choose the right filler for you and safely create natural volume effects

  • Use safety and certified product
  • Genuine and quantitative use
  • Using a round cannula

30 Mins ~ 1 Hour

Anesthetic Cream

No Down Time

Every Product Differs

Treatment Features

Three-dimensional sense of volume

It is effective for beautifully correcting uneven wrinkles by using injections to fill in the uneven areas and at the same time to even out deeply indented wrinkles! This is a treatment that can give quick results by using points on an uncharacteristic face.

  • Volume improvement
  • V-line formation
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Effect while

Filler Treatment Area

Small face, clear features

V-line Injection

Removes fat from excessively accumulated areas with ingredients harmless to the human body

  • Remove fat without surgery
  • Semi-permanent effect
  • Less swelling and pain

10 Mins


No Down Time

6 Months ~ differs individually

Treatment Features

A perfect face line made with customized drug formulation!

It partially fragments/destroys only the unnecessary fat layer and burns residual fat cells to improve basal metabolic rate and diet effect with less side effect.

V-line Treatment Area

Skin / Petite FAQ

When does the effect appear after the procedure?

As for the effect of Botox, you can feel the muscles loosening up 2-3 days after the procedure, and you can expect the effect of actually reducing the volume of the muscles after 3-4 weeks. Fillers take effect immediately after the procedure.

Is there any bruising or swelling after the procedure?

There may be bruising or swelling, but you do not have to worry too much because it will disappear after 2-3 days after the procedure.

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