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Gynecomastia refers to a form in which a man’s breast becomes full like that of a woman’s due to excessive development of mammary gland tissue or excessive accumulation of fat in the breast.
There are many causes, including imbalance of puberty hormones, drug use and obesity, thyroid disease, and family history.
Since the breast tissue must be excised by accurately analyzing the fat, mammary gland tissue, and internal cause, surgery by an experienced specialist is necessary.


View proceeds premium systematic steps,
for a high quality rhinoplasty.

VIEW Gynecomastia Features

1Microcannula Minimizes damage to surrounding tissues and nerves by using a round and long micro cannula, and allows for rapid recovery without injury while selectively removing only fat.
2More Pure Fat, Less Bleeding With View’s unique technology that makes fat like water and extracts only pure fat, it has a clearer effect and faster recovery.
3No worry about scars! Do not worry about scars with skilled medical staff’s incision know-how, meticulous sutures, and systematic after-care.


1Liposuction Specialist Surgery performed by experienced liposuction specialist.
2Safe Anesthesia System Intensive monitoring of patient condition by anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist.
3Post-surgery Treatment We provide follow-up care for fast recovery and elastic lines through various laser equipment including APL and high frequency.

Gynecomastia Surgery Method


When adipose tissue is developed
Liposuction after incision 0.5 cm below the chest

Mammary Gland

When mammary gland tissue is developed
Direct excision of mammary gland tissue after incision 2~3cm below the areola


When both adipose tissue and mammary gland tissue are developed
Liposuction and mammary tissue resection together

Gynecomastia Premium Care System

1APL Management Helps relieve swelling and manage inflammation after surgery

2High Frequency Management It helps to remove waste products from the body, relieve swelling, and prevent pigmentation

3Obesity Control Prescription We prescribe customized diet pills in consideration of individual body type, eating habits, and lifestyle

VIEW Surgery Process

In-depth consultation

Detailed customized counseling such as checking the patient’s eating habits, body type, and skin elasticity

Precision Diagnosis
InBody test, blood test, electrocardiogram test, chest radiography test before surgery

Design and Surgery Plan
Optimal design and design based on patient’s specificity and goals

Safe Surgery
Safe operation according to the surgical method suitable for the characteristics of each area

Intensive Care
Regular progress check by the person in charge and premium intensive care of View


3 days after
After removing the bandage, attach the waterproof band and take a light shower + moisturizing

7 days after
After removing the stitches, shower + moisturizing possible

2 weeks later
Shower + Apply Moisturizing Scar Ointment

1~2 months later
Wearing compression garments for a certain period of time depending on the amount of tissue removed

Gynecomastia FAQ

Can breasts continue to grow if I leave gynecomastia?

It might be possible. This is because, in addition to hormonal imbalances, mammary gland tissue develops due to westernized eating habits. Surgery should be considered if the mammary gland tissue layer is more than 4-5 layers after the examination.

Can’t I get rid of gynecomastia with exercise or drugs?

In the case of gynecomastia, which is developed only from adipose tissue, not mammary gland tissue, there are some cases where diet or exercise has some effect. However, due to the development of mammary gland tissue, the mammary gland tissue does not shrink with exercise, diet, and injection treatment. Therefore, it can be corrected with surgery.

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