The Center of Facial Contouring Surgery

Grand Award in the
Facial Contouring Category,
2018 Medical Asia

Have focused only on facial contouring

for nearly 20 years

Various technology and know-how accumulated
through dealing with numerous cases in the
long history have led to safe surgeries and
satisfactory results.

Not being satisfied just yet, we are expanding
our horizons beyond Korea and abroad.

We do our best to be the primary care
physician for each individual and help them
find true beauty.

윤창운원장이 환자의 얼굴골격에 대해 설명중 윤창운원장이 환자의 얼굴 대칭을 살피고 있다.

The center of facial contouring surgery, VIEW


VIEW point 1

NO Excessive Shaving!

Safe Maximum Reduction

사선 방향에서본 여성의 얼굴과 비율선 사선 방향에서본 여성의 얼굴과 비율선

With Facial Contouring Surgery, you won’t get
good results just by shaving a lot.

Performing unnecessary excision without considering
the original facial proportions can lead to an unnatural and
awkward facial shape as well as the risk of side effects.

View Plastic Surgery does not perform ‘unnecessary shaving.
We perform maximum reduction within the safe range to achieve
the ideal facial shape that is most suitable for each
individual’s balance so that it will look slim and
three-dimensional in any direction.

VIEW point 2

A small and pretty face

from any angle

The goal of facial contouring is not to make your
BONES look pretty but to make your FACE look pretty.

In order to have a naturally beautiful face without
showing signs of surgery, the surgery needs to be
performed in a way that the bone is excised
appropriately and that the soft tissues including
muscle, fat, and skin can naturally re-adapt.

View Plastic Surgery uses professional diagnostic
equipment to create complex surgery plan that
improves the face shape seen as small and pretty
from any angle, from the side and front.

For cheeks, square jaw, and chin, a thorough surgery plan is established based on preliminary analysis.

Positioning in a way that soft tissues can properly re-adapt to the reduced bone structure.

VIEW point3

3D-CT / X-RAY Precision Analysis System

For facial contouring surgery is a highly advanced surgery that
requires consideration of both bone and soft tissue structure,

facial features must be accurately analyzed through

precise diagnosis equipment.

View Plastic Surgery uses high-resolution 3D-CT and X-RAY equipment to precisely analyze the shape and size of bones, the location of nerve lines, and the characteristics of muscle and fat tissue to carefully plan the surgery.

VIEW point4

View’s Safety First System

For the safety of our patients, we will not compromise on anything.

  • 1:1 Dedicated Anesthesia

    • 5 On-site Anesthesiology Specialists
    • Care for surgical condition with customized anesthesia design
  • Dantrolene Available

    • Therapeutic agent for malignant hyperthermia
    • Prompt Initial Response in case of emergency
  • Implementation of real name system for surgery

    • From counseling, surgery, and post-surgery,
      the operating surgeon is responsible for all processes without proxy surgery
  • Pleasant inpatient facility

    • Operates our own ward
    • Comfortable rest and recovery after the surgery provided
  • 1:1 rounds conducted by the operating surgeon

    • Rounds conducted directly by the operating surgeon
    • Checking on the surgery site and the patient’s condition
  • On-site nursing staff 24/7, 365 days a year

    • For the best patient condition, professional nursing personnel are available 365 days a year to provide customized care.

Real Story

View’s Facial Contouring

View’s Facial Contouring

Real Story



Surgical Site3-types Facial Contouring + nose

3-types facial contouring surgery was performed with my face being not symmetrical in general and the cheekbones being prominent. The shape of my face became really pretty as the swelling gradually subsided. I’m so happy as everyone who sees my face mentions how my face is small. I now have a smooth and pretty facial shape, just as I wanted. Thank you doctors!


After(Post OP 3 Months)

Surgical Site3-types Facial Contouring

My cheeks had always been my complex. During the consultation, my doctor identified at once the areas to be improved and pointed out exactly what type of surgery was needed! It was nice that the doctor caught it before I said anything. Now that the swelling has gone down, my face got much smaller, slimmer, and natural, without any sagging. I truly feel that this facial contouring surgery is a surgery that makes you look beautiful without showing any signs of surgery.


After(Post OP 3 Months)

Surgical Site3-Types Facial Contouring + Pyriform augmentation + eves

It was really cool how the doctor immediately caught what the issue was with my face and explained them to me. Nobody notices that I’ve had facial contouring surgery yet everyone tells me that I’ve become prettier and it’s hard to find anyone with a smaller face than me outside. Facial masks have become too big for my face. I strongly recommend this facial contouring surgery. I am recommending it to my acquaintances who have concerns with their facial shapes.

Special Aftercare

For healthier and more beautiful results, View Plastic Surgery provides

high-quality systematic premium services that are uniquely View.

  • Medication prescription/ gargling provided

    Minimization of inflammation and pain reduction effect.

  • Injection for the swelling

    Promotes blood circulation and relieves the swelling.

  • Exfoliation management

    Removal of skin wastes and tidying up the skin texture.

  • Omega light management

    Bruises, pain reduction, and skin regeneration effect.

  • High Frequency and Ultrasound management

    Promotes blood circulation, collagen production and reduces swelling.

  • Regular progress check

    1:1 progress check by the operating surgeon after 3D-CT and X-ray.

* It may vary depending on the individual’s condition.

Facial Contouring





V I E W   P L A S T I C   S U R G E R Y

B4 Floor to 15 Floor Medical System

View Plastic Surgery operates its own 19-floor building.
It has specialized system optimized for consulting,
examination, surgery, and recovery.

“View” considers safety and always do our best.
With General Hospital Grade Safety Equipment, We
offer satisfying medical services to our customers.


View Plastic Surgery operates its own 19-floor building.
It has specialized system optimized for consulting,
examination, surgery, and recovery.

B4 Floor to 15 Floor Medical System

VIEW is recognized

View Plastic Surgery's medical technology,

professional medical staff,
and safety systems are recognized worldwide

Clients from all over the world visit View Plastic Surgery.

There may be complications such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery. Subjective satisfaction may vary between individuals.