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Charming eye with masculine gaze!

Natural-looking eyes

30 Mins~1 Hour

Sedative/Local Anesthesia

No Admission

3~7 Days

3~7 Days

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Since men’s eyelids are comparatively thicker than women’s, natural eyebrows can be obtained by planning an operation that is tailored to the individual in consideration of fat, muscle, and power to open the eyes.
In View, it provides natural and clear eyes with very thin inner double eyelids with fine lines.


We proceed with View Premium System,
for high-quality results

VIEW Male Eye Surgery Features

1Clear EyesIt is possible to create clear and lively eyes, by adjusting the pupil ratio
2Minimum Scar Surgical scars or scars are not visible even when the eyes are closed, because tissue damage is minimized
3Secondary disability improvementSimultaneous improvement of secondary disorders such as forehead wrinkles caused by ptosis symptoms and decreased visual acuity


1Eye Surgery Specialist Responsible treatment by the attending physician in charge of eye surgery, from consultation to surgery and progress check
2Safe Anesthesia SystemAnesthesia and pain medicine specialists are always on-site for 1:1 intensive monitoring from before surgery until recovery after surgery
3Systematic Scar ManagementIntensive management of scars in the surgical area through various lasers and ultrasound equipment

Male Eye Surgery Surgery Method

No incision burden! No worries about scars!

Non-incisional Double Eyelid Correction Surgery Method

Make a fine groove along the line.

Connect the muscles and skin to create a double eyelid line.

Clear eyes are complete.

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery Method

After the eyelid incision is made, unnecessary muscle or fat is removed.

Tie the muscle or suture along the excised line.

Big and clear eyes are completed.

Male Eye Surgery Premium Care System

Systematic follow-up is carried out in the dedicated management department
to speed up recovery after surgery and reduce worries about scarring.

1Swell Management Provides self-care training and products to help relieve swelling

2Dedicated Management Personalized management is carried out after treatment according to the individual recovery speed

3Post-surgery Control A plastic surgeon will check the surgical progress and recovery process

VIEW Surgery Process

In-depth consultation
Customized counseling considering the patient’s eyes, proportions, skin condition, etc

Design and Surgery Plan
Optimal design and design based on patient’s specificity and goals

Safe Surgery
Safe operation according to individual surgical method

Intensive Care
Regular progress check by the person in charge and premium intensive care of View


Surgery day
Self care kit gift
Swelling Relief Care

7 days after
Disinfecting the surgical site and removing stitches

2 weeks after
Check the progress of the operation

1~6 months later
Periodic progress check by the medical staff in charge

Male Eye Surgery FAQ

Does eyebrow correction work well? Is there a high chance of reoperation after surgery?

Sometimes a little or a lot of correction is done, just like making the double eyelids thinner or larger during double eyelid surgery. It can be adjusted according to the degree of eye opening, and it does not seem to work out well if an appropriate surgical method is decided in consideration of the individual eye condition.

What is the difference from incisional eyebrow correction?

As the name suggests, it is the difference between making an incision with a knife or not. Personally, I recommend non-incision brow correction for those who have thin skin, don’t hold the double eyelids too big, or who can afford proper brow correction, and incision brow correction if the skin is thick or sagging or requires a lot of correction.

19 Floors
Safe Smart Building

General hospital scale safety system!
19 Floors Medical System

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Male Surgery BEFORE & AFTER

Customized “Eye Surgery” Premium Program

Eye Dream Team

Plastic Surgery + AnesthesiologyOne-stop Process from consultation – diagnosis – surgery plan – surgery – post surgery treatment

1:1 Customized Design

We perform 1:1 customized surgery by carefully analyzing each individual eye shape, size, image, and eye skin thickness

Swell Management

After surgery, we will take care of you with recovery injections and swelling injections to remove swelling and help circulation.

Continuous Management System

In order to prevent side effects and recover quickly, we check the condition of the face through a steady progress check by the surgeon along with customized follow-up care

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There may be complications such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation after surgery. Subjective satisfaction may vary between individuals.