Short chin

Make a natural chin line through customized design. Medical specialists in each field perform bimaxillary osteotomy and facial contouring surgery to enhance the professional expertise and completeness of the surgery.

Operation time

1 – 2 hours




2 days

Suture removal

Not necessary


2 weeks

What is short chin surgery?

A surgery for improving the symptom of a short chin tip and receded lower jaw (micrognathia).

This surgery improves the symptom of a short chin tip and receded lower jaw (micrognathia).

In most cases, it is accompanied by malocclusion where the upper and lower occlusion does not match and an unclear chin line.

Special features of VIEW’s short chin surgery


It designs the chin shape in harmony with the entire face and makes a natural chin line.

Appearance upgrade

Rich surgery experience and excellent aesthetic sense of cosmetic surgeons can dramatically improve your appearance.

Bone scalpel

This device used for cutting only bones enables a safe and precise surgery without damaging important nerves and blood vessels.

Bone scalpel enhancing the accuracy
The bone scalpel is an ultrasonic device which cuts the bones by responding only to the bone tissues.

It has less vibration within 0.5mm enabling a very precise surgery, protects nearby blood vessels and nerves by responding only to bones, causes less tissue damages and bleeding and provides quick recovery.


Surgery method

This procedure cuts the lower jaw and moves the receded chin forward.
For severely short chin, both bimaxillary osteotomy and chin tip advancement surgery are performed to make a natural chin line.

Facial bone

Cut the lower jaw bones.

Facial bone

Move the cut bones forward and then fix them.

Facial bone

The chin tip advancement surgery moves the receded chin tip forward.


If the occlusion is normal and simply the chin tip is receded, chin tip advancement surgery can achieve good results.

In case of protruded mouth impossible to be corrected by the general protruded mouth surgery and severe short chin, the three-jaw surgery can totally improve complicated issues by performing both protruded mouth surgery and bimaxillary (two-jaw) osteotomy.

Why VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic’s bimaxillary osteotomy has been receiving the spotlight

1Dream Team of Facial Bones

Plastic surgery department

dental clinic (partner)

Anesthesiology department

Facial bone care department

2One-stop treatment

The one-stop treatment system covers everything from consulting, surgery, correction to follow-up care through VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic and its partner dental clinic.

View Plastic Surgery - Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea
3Fast fixing

The fast fixation is a short-term fixation procedure for 2 – 3 days to help the chin joints settle in a more stable position.
The joints are fixed with rubber bands rather than metal wires for the free movement of the chin and comfortable breathing, eating and conversation.

bimaxillary osteotomy
43D CT satisfying both precision and safety

It is important to accurately identify the position of the neural gland and understand the bone structure (size, width, thickness, length) due to difficulty in securing a good field of vision during the facial bone surgery.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic performs 3D-CT imaging for 3D analysis to precisely identify the bone structure and the position of the neural gland, effectively solve problems in the function of the chin and aesthetic issues, and minimize nerve damage through a safe surgery.

Double Jaw Surgery - View Plastic Surgery
53D Morpheus virtual surgery simulation for predicting surgery results

Morpheus 3D scans the facial information, predicts the facial appearance after the surgery and displays a 3D image through cutting-edge 3D simulation.

It can precisely take images within less than 0.1mm error, scientifically evaluates the progress by 3D facial image comparison, and is able to effectively change the surgery plan if required.

This makes it possible for both the doctor and patient to share the surgery goal for a more precise surgery.

* LED light is not harmful to the human body.

6Safety device system

View Plastic Surgery Clinic owns various safety devices for a safe and reliable surgery.
In addition, an anesthesiologist participates in the planning of the surgery to enhance safety.

7One-stop orthodontics for patients in provincial areas / foreign countries





Production of braces


Training on how to wear the braces