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What is View Model?

This is a program where patients can restore their confidence and overcome their insecurities by improving their appearance. We have prepared this program to improve patient’s life and encourage their hopes based on the changed appearance. Those who are selected as VIEW’s model will have the opportunity to act as a representative model for VIEW.

1Who can apply for View’s model

Anyone who is an adult; male or female


Document examination

Pass through the documentation when you apply for the form at the bottom.


Individual contacts

We will contact those who pass the document examination.



Those who passed the document examination will have that consultation at the hospital.


Final selection

Decide whether the applicant will be selected or not finally.

3Model period

It is different depending on the surgical method and area.

  • The portrait rights shall belong to the hospital if you are selected as a model and the photos or video shall be used for online/offline advertisement and public relations.
  • The contact can be delayed if there are a lot of applicants.
  • The free surgery is impossible as the medical services act so that the surgery shall be performed by reasonable price and legal process.
Model Recruitment