Alar reduction

VIEW applies a customized surgery considering the height of the nose bridge and nose tip and individual facial type to give a sophisticated and well-defined image.

Operation time

30 minutes




Same day

Suture removal



After suture

What is alar reduction surgery?

Turn a dull image into a sophisticated one

This surgery reduces the width of the alar widely located on both sides of the nose and turns a poor look with large nose holes and low nose into a sophisticated image.

Before & After

Special features of VIEW’s alar reduction surgery

Balance with the face

The customized surgery balances the nose with the entire part of the face and gives a natural look.

Dual improvement

It gives a slim and well-defined appearance and a higher nose bridge.

Small scar

No visible scars remain due to surgery in unnoticeable areas.


The precise and delicate medical technology forms a beautiful bilateral symmetry.

When you need alar reduction surgery

01If your nose looks low and wide due to a wide alar

02If you have alar shape not in balance with the face as a whole

03If your nose looks flat due to wide alars

Operation method

If you have thick alar skin (reduction of skin tissue)

Incise and suture the skin below both sides of the alar to bring the alars together.


Make a sharp and sophisticated nose.

Small amount of skin tissue around the alar (method of tying up the inner part of the nostrils)

The plastic surgeon designs the width and shape of the alars.


Slightly incise below the nostrils, use the suture to tie both sides of the nostrils and bind it up to the middle.


The surgery solves functional problems (nasal diseases like the rhinitis and sinusitis) and aesthetic issues (crooked nose hole) by straightening up the nasal septum cartilage to prevent recurrence.

Why View Plastic Surgery Clinic’s eye surgery has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory surgery results

Rich clinical experience of medical specialists
Customized surgery through precise diagnosis

Thorough preparation for safety

Safety devices and facilities
Guaranteed safety from surgery planning stage to post-surgery stage with anesthesiologists residing 24/7

Natural beauty

Skin exfoliating service
Progress check and scar management

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.