Natural V line

This surgery reduces the angular square jaw volume and properly adjusts the amount of cutting and movement of the bones to form a natural V line with a slim but not a sharp chin tip.

Operation time

2 hours




1 day

Suture removal



7 days

What is natural V-line?

This surgery adjusts the slim line of the tip of the chin and forms a natural V-shaped line with a slightly rounded chin.

Although it is the same as the existing Doll line® surgery from the fact that it can reduce the volume of the angular square jaw, the difference is a more natural V line by designing a slightly rounded chin rather than a sharp one.
VIEW Clinic provides both the natural V line and Doll line surgeries and helps the patient make a choice based on their preference.
However, the patient may not choose the V-line surgery if the position of the neural gland is too low.

bimaxillary osteotomy

Before the surgery

bimaxillary osteotomy

After natural V line™ surgery

bimaxillary osteotomy

After natural V line™ surgery

Front chin surgery making you beautiful while nobody knows, absorbable pins and nuts

The cut bones are gathered and firmly fixed in the front chin surgery and the pins and nuts are not harmful to the human body but identified by the X-ray.

When fixing the bones with the absorbable pins and nuts, it works for 3 months after the surgery but they begin dissolving on the 4th month when the bones are in place and disappear after 1 year. They disappear after the complete bone union and have no possibility of causing functional problems for talking or eating food.

Also, the surgery does not need the secondary surgery to remove pins and nuts and are not identified by the X-ray for satisfaction.

VIEW provides the options either using absorbed pins and nuts or basic pins and nuts for surgery and the former is finally decided after the consultation.

Specialty in the natural V-line surgery of VIEW

Good looks from the front

Reduce the width of the front chin and volume of the square jaw to form a slim and slender front appearance.

Improved looks from the sides

Reduce the width of the square jaw and form a side line smoothly connected to the front chin.

Quick recovery

The planned error-free surgery reduces the surgery time and causes less bleeding and quick recovery.

Less nerve damage

3D CT identifies the nerve pathway and minimizes nerve damage.

Bone scalpel enhancing the accuracy
The bone scalpel is an ultrasonic device which cuts the bones by responding only to the bone tissues.

It has less vibration within 0.5mm enabling a very precise surgery, protects nearby blood vessels and nerves by responding only to bones, causes less tissue damages and bleeding and provides quick recovery.


When you need natural V-line surgery

01If you want a natural V line

02If you want an egg-shaped face unnoticeable in everyday life

03If you have a large angle on the side jaw and a round front chin

04If you have previously received a square jaw surgery but do not have a V line

Before and after the surgery

Before the surgery
Natural V line™
After the surgery
bimaxillary osteotomy

Surgery method

bimaxillary osteotomy
Long curve resection
Reduce the side chin area

Perform gradually sloping resection of the lower chin from the area below the ear to the oral angle in a long curve.

bimaxillary osteotomy
Cortical bone resection
Reduce the chin volume

Carefully cut only one layer of the outer cortical bone to reduce facial volume.

bimaxillary osteotomy
T osteotomy
Reduce the width of the front chin

Cut the tip of the chin into a T shape, remove the middle bone, and gather the remaining bones and fix them in a suitable position. At this point, make a slimmer chin line by cutting bones as much as possible while considering neural glands.

bimaxillary osteotomy
Muscle reduction
Reduce the chin volume

Use a small medical needle to transmit high frequency waves through the oral cavity to burn and reduce part of the muscles.

bimaxillary osteotomy
Remove deep facial fat
Reduce the chin volume

Remove excessive fat around the cheek through the oral cavity.

Why VIEW Clinic’s facial contouring surgery has been receiving the spotlight

1The dream team of facial bones achieving the best results with safe surgery

Satisfactory results

Cooperation with more than 2 plastic surgeons
Direct consulting from the operating surgeons
Customized surgery plan and error-free surgery

Thorough preparation for safety

The residing anesthesiologist participates from surgery planning and takes care of the patients until they recover.
Defibrillator, UPS, antiseptic surgery system
Precise examination before the surgery

Special care after the surgery

Swelling and skin care by the dedicated facial contouring care department
Scaling and oral checkup by the partner dental clinic

23D CT upgrading the operational precision and stability

The 3D CT irradiates the X-ray into the human body and reconstructs the image with the computer to display the internal status with multidimensional images.

Unlike the existing X-ray image, the technique shows more than 3,000 times higher precision and thoroughly analyzes the size, location, depth, length and width of the facial bone to provide a customized operation plan with the operation method and range.

Furthermore, safe surgery is performed by precisely understanding the location of neural glands to prevent nerve damages.

Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.