Under eye fat repositioning

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Operation time

30 minutes


Sedation anesthesia


Same day discharge

Suture removal



After suture removal

What is the Under eye fat repositioning surgery?

The surgery relocates the unnecessary fat to a hollow part.

The surgery relocates unnecessary fat swollen in the lower eye to a hollow part.

It changes gloomy and tired-looking face into a bright and well-defined look.

Before & After

Special features of View’s Under eye fat repositioning

Dual improvement

Dual improvement

Young-looking effect

Young-looking effect

Small scar

There is almost no scar from the surgery because it is performed through the conjunctiva inside the lower eye.

When Under eye fat repositioning is needed

01If you look sick or dark due to dark circles

02If there is shade in the lower eye due to swollen fat in the lower eye

03If you cannot cover the dark part of the lower eye even with make-up

04If you frequently hear you looking older than your age due to the fat under the eyes

Operation method

eye surgery

Diagnose the range and shape of the swollen fat under the eyes and design where and how to relocate the fat below the eyes.

eye surgery

Perform an incision on the conjunctiva inside the eye based on the surgery plan and make a route to remove the fat.

eye surgery

Relocate the swollen fat below the eye and fill the hollow part.

eye surgery

It completes an resilient and voluminous lower eyelids.

Difference between Lower Blepharoplasty surgery and Under eye fat repositioning

Lower Blepharoplasty surgery removes sagging skin wrinkles due to aging and relocates swollen fat. Therefore, the surgery is for the middle aged over the 40s in the process of aging.

Meanwhile, the latter has no process of incising the wrinkles and relatively young people are subject to the surgery.

Why View Plastic Surgery Clinic’s eye surgery has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory results

Customized surgery plan and error-free surgery

Thorough preparation for safety

Anesthesiologists residing 24/7
Safety devices and facilities

Natural beauty

Quick recovery to everyday life

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.