Transparent bimaxillary osteotomy

Hush! Make sure nobody knows! Transparent bimaxillary osteotomy confident to the bones! The absorbable fixation pin comprised of bone components dissolves while merging with the bones and completely eliminate the traces of bimaxillary(two-jaw) osteotomy.

What is transparent bimaxillary osteotomy?

The method of using fixation pins absorbed as it merges with the bones when fixating the bones fractured from the bimaxillary(two-jaw) osteotomy process

This is a method which uses the fixation pins absorbed when bones are knit back together instead of the titanium fixation pins when the fractured bones are fixed during the bimaxillary(two-jaw) surgical procedure, leaving no traces of the pins in X-ray images or CT scans.


Absorbable fixation pins vs. Non-absorbable fixation pins

The fractured bones must be firmly and tightly fixated after the jaw bones are moved to the proper position through bimaxillary osteotomy.

The existing titanium pins and screws do not cause any harm to the body but can be identified through X-ray images.

However, once the bones are fixed using the absorbable fixation pins and screws, the pins and screws disappear as they merge with and are absorbed into the bones.


For this reason, it does not require a secondary surgery to remove pins and screws after the bimaxillary osteotomy and this reduces the financial and psychological burden.
Furthermore, the surgery leaves no traces of the pins even in X-ray images, CT scans and airport security checks.
provides the patients with the option of choosing either the View Plastic Surgery Clinic absorbable pins and screws (osteotrans) or existing pins and screws (titanium).
However, the final decision on whether to use the absorbable pins is made through consultation.

Special features of VIEW’s transparent bimaxillary osteotomy

No need to remove pins

There is no need to have another surgery for pin removal after the bimaxillary osteotomy because the pins disappear as time passes by.

Enhanced safety

The pins are safe as they begin to be absorbed after the bones are completely knit back together after the bimaxillary surgery.

Absorbable pins

The pins are absorbed into the bone and leave no trace of the surgery in X-ray images or CT scan.

Safe and firm!
The absorbed pins and screws are evenly mixed with OSTEOTRANS™ synthetic polymer(PLLA) and bone components(u-HA) which disappears.

The product has bone conduction (osteoconductive) function which helps generate bones around the weakened bones after surgery. Because the product is absorbed into the bones as they knit back together, it firmly fixes the bones without any movement even when the product is being absorbed.


Why VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic’s bimaxillary osteotomy has been receiving the spotlight

1Dream Team of Facial Bones

Plastic surgery department

dental clinic (partner)

Anesthesiology department

Facial bone care department

2One-stop treatment

The one-stop treatment system covers everything from consulting, surgery, correction to follow-up care through VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic and its partner dental clinic.

View Plastic Surgery - Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea
3Fast fixing

The fast fixation is a short-term fixation procedure for 2 – 3 days to help the chin joints settle in a more stable position.
The joints are fixed with rubber bands rather than metal wires for the free movement of the chin and comfortable breathing, eating and conversation.

bimaxillary osteotomy
43D CT satisfying both precision and safety

It is important to accurately identify the position of the neural gland and understand the bone structure (size, width, thickness, length) due to difficulty in securing a good field of vision during the facial bone surgery.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic performs 3D-CT imaging for 3D analysis to precisely identify the bone structure and the position of the neural gland, effectively solve problems in the function of the chin and aesthetic issues, and minimize nerve damage through a safe surgery.

Double Jaw Surgery - View Plastic Surgery
53D Morpheus virtual surgery simulation for predicting surgery results

Morpheus 3D scans the facial information, predicts the facial appearance after the surgery and displays a 3D image through cutting-edge 3D simulation.

It can precisely take images within less than 0.1mm error, scientifically evaluates the progress by 3D facial image comparison, and is able to effectively change the surgery plan if required.

This makes it possible for both the doctor and patient to share the surgery goal for a more precise surgery.

* LED light is not harmful to the human body.

6Safety device system

View Plastic Surgery Clinic owns various safety devices for a safe and reliable surgery.
In addition, an anesthesiologist participates in the planning of the surgery to enhance safety.

7One-stop orthodontics for patients in provincial areas / foreign countries





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