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A fair and spotless skin is a dream cherished by all women since time immemorial. This is where the scientific world stepped in to make life easier for women and voila! A fairness miracle happened in the form of VIEW’s BABY SKIN WHITENING treatment!

What is VIEW’s SKIN WHITENING treatment?

It’s a complex treatment to make your skin soft, fair and glowing within a short period of time. Our specialists have designed the most effective laser programs with injection treatments that can improve your skin within a week.







It is a way to block the melanin pigment coming from the bottom of the dermis, which improves the skin by selectively destroying the melanin pigment that does not stimulate melanin on the skin surface and hardly causes heat damage. By combining the functions of lifting and toning of thermal energy, you can use it to improve your overall skin and you can do facial cleansing and makeup right after the procedure.

-> Effect after VIEW’s PIGMENTATION laser treatment

– Improved stain and pigmentation

– Pore reduction

– Wrinkle improvement




It alleviates acne redness, and is effective in the treatment of vascular lesions such as vascular spots, facial flushing.When treated in conjunction with conventional laser toning, pigment and red marks can be treated more effectively at the same time.-> Effect after VIEW’s Gold Toning- Improved redness of acne- Redness of face, redness improvement- Improve pigmentation diseases such as spots and spots- Improvement of pigmentation after staining or inflammation, which was not effective with existing treatment.




When the micro needle (24K) is inserted, a fine channel is formed in the dermis. Through this process, a stimulus is applied to the dermal layer to form collagen. The high-frequency energy delivered to the skin helps collagen elastin synthesis and normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands to improve skin elasticity, wrinkle and skin elasticity, It helps to improve whitening, acne, pores, skin texture, etc. It is a laser that adjusts the intensity of laser which is a disadvantage to the existing laser, so it can relieve the pain during the operation and minimizes unnecessary pressure and side effects. It does not affect your life.



-> APPLICABLE INJECTIONS: Skin lightening IV injection (Glutathione + Vitamin C injection), PDRN injections, PRP

Glutathione IV injection taken along with Vitamin C

is the most effective and the best skin whitening procedure. You get a much younger looking fairer skin with an amazing glow. Glutathione actually reduces melanin stimulation and pigmentation of the skin leading to white skin tone or color. Effects of skin whitening depend on how much pigmentation is there on the skin. You can see visible changes in the skin tone after the third or fourth session of IV Glutathione injection.

PDRN Treatment

Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) is a unique drug that possesses several unique therapeutic properties such as wound healing, tissue repairing, and anti-inflammatory. In fact, doctors have been using PDRN as an effective treatment for tissue repair in peripheral artery occlusive diseases and diabetic foot ulcers.

PDRN contains DNA extracts of salmon. Other than providing health benefits, salmon DNA has several anti-aging benefits. Studies have shown that salmon DNA is an important key ingredient for repairing and rejuvenating the skin.

PDRN is well-known for its ability to stimulate cell growth that accelerates cell proliferation and regeneration of skin and tissue. In fact, there were studies to support the findings that PDRN is beneficial for regeneration of skin and tissue. Further studies also suggested that PDRN accelerates the repair and growth of bone tissue and encourages the skin repair process in diabetic animals.

Men and women who want to achieve younger-looking skin without undergoing surgical procedure. PDRN Skin Treatment is a suitable non-surgical procedure that allows aging skin to undergo cell renewal and new cell growth so as to achieve brighter, fairer, skin with less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

This treatment is also suitable for people who have small scars on the face as PDRN Skin Treatment helps to accelerate wound healing with brilliant results.


The platelet rich plasma that is injected is a concentrated formula of your own platelets which makes it rich in growth factors. Such growth factors are needed to repair the body, and come in handy too when trying to fight the signs of ageing. When PRP is injected into the skin, the injection entry point causes a small wound which activates the platelets and lets them get to work repairing the tissue in that area.
Effectively PRP is encouraging your body to use it’s own processes but more effectively in the places that are starting to need a bit of extra help.



Before and After of Skin Whitening treatment

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