Short nose

VIEW gives a beautiful and natural nose balanced with the face by considering the length and proportion of the nose in the face and ideal angle between the columella and nose tip.

Operation time

1 1/2-2 hours




Same day

Suture removal



After suture

What is short nose surgery?

It adjusts the short nose, high nose tip, short nose compared to the face and high nose to make the ideal angle by adjusting the angle of the columella.

VIEW provides the ideal solution like the proportion of 1/3 for the nose in the face and the degree between 90 and 105 from the columella to the lips.

Before & After

Special features of VIEW’s short nose surgery

Balance with the face

It makes a beautiful S-shaped line from the forehead, eyes and lips for the balance with the face.

Well-defined look

It moves the raised nose tip to the normal position to give a well-defined look with volume.


It makes the beautiful length and angle of the nose in the face to complete a natural look.

When short nose surgery is needed

01If you have a raised nose tip looking like a pig nose

02If much of the nose holes are visible from the front

03If you have a short nose compared to the face

04If there is nose contracture due to inflammation by the prosthetics after the previous rhinoplasty

Operation method


It designs the nose shape considering the ideal length and balance of the nose in the face.


Incise inside the nose to cut a part of the cartilage in the nose tip.


Connect the incised cartilage downward to make the ideal nose length and angle of the nose tip.

  • 1Perform an autoplasty to collect the nasal septum cartilage for insufficient cartilage in the nose tip for additional implantation to the nose tip.
  • 2Perform the surgery to raise the nose bridge by inserting the prosthesis for the low bridge to obtain more beautiful and better results.

Why View Plastic Surgery Clinic’s eye surgery has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory surgery results

Rich clinical experience of medical specialists
Customized surgery through precise diagnosis

Thorough preparation for safety

Safety devices and facilities
Guaranteed safety from surgery planning stage to post-surgery stage with anesthesiologists residing 24/7

Natural beauty

Skin exfoliating service
Progress check and scar management

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.