Sagging eyelids

View Plastic Surgery Clinic considers eye wrinkles, eye sagging, amount of fat and muscle in the eyelid after 40s to correct sagging wrinkles, remove fat as well as lift the eyelids and make your eyes look brighter and younger.

Operation time

1 hour


Sedation anesthesia


Same day discharge

Suture removal



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What is upper blepharoplasty surgery?

Upper blepharoplasty surgery

The eyelid sagging correction surgery incises the wrinkles on the upper eyelid due to aging and lifts the muscles opening the eyes to remove wrinkles. This surgery is called Upper Blepharoplasty.

It solves the aging of the upper eyelids as well as the forehead, eyebrows and eyelids and completes a natural and young-looking eye line.

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Special Features of View’s Upper Blepharoplasty surgery

Improve expression wrinkles

It mitigates the wrinkles because you do not have to use the forehead wrinkles to open the eyes due to the sagging eyelids.

Young-looking effect

It removes the forehead wrinkles due to sagging eyelids and naturally gives a young-looking effect.

Permanent effect

It not only removes the eyelid wrinkles but also pulls the eye muscle, the fundamental cause of the sagging eyelids so they will never droop again.

Solve secondary disorders

It not only removes eye wrinkles but also solves secondary disorders like poking eyelashes and blocked eyesight at the same time.

When you need Upper blepharoplasty surgery

01If sagging skin covers or scatters the eyelid line

02If eyelids droops due to lack of skin elasticity from aging after the 40s

03If forehead wrinkles form due to opening the eyes with eyebrows

04If there are wrinkles from aging

05If eyesight is blocked due to sagging eyelids

Operation method

eye surgery

Decide how much wrinkles should be removed and design the eyelid line by considering the aging and sagging of the upper eyelids.

eye surgery

Incise the double eyelid line depending on the surgery plan and remove skin tissues and fat causing the sagging eyelids.

eye surgery

Directly connect the muscles for opening the eyes and the skin and then perform suture.

eye surgery

This completes a natural and young-looking eye line with no wrinkles.

What is the best eye shape for me?

STEP 1Check the current condition of my eyes.

Check the current condition of the eyes through diagnosis from specialists and decide which surgery you need.
eye surgery
  • 1Presence of blepharoptosis
eye surgery
  • 2Shape of Mongolian folds
eye surgery
  • 3Angle of eyelids
eye surgery
  • 4Skin sagging
eye surgery
  • 5Distance between the eyes
eye surgery
  • 6Presence of cross-eye

STEP 2Decide the eye shape I desire.

Decide the best eye shape from the aid of a medical specialist to have higher satisfaction after the surgery.

01Double eyelid line

eye surgery
  • 1Inline
eye surgery
  • 2Outline
eye surgery
  • 3In- outline

02Eyelid thickness

eye surgery
  • 1Thin
eye surgery
  • 2Thick
eye surgery
  • 3Medium height


eye surgery
  • 1Epicanthoplasty
eye surgery
  • 2Lateral canthoplasty
eye surgery
  • 3Lower canthoplasty

STEP 3Complete the eye shape right for me

Make the natural and beautiful eye shape right for me through sufficient consultations with medical specialists based on the current eye condition.

Why View Plastic Surgery Clinic’s eye surgery has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory results

Customized surgery plan and error-free surgery

Thorough preparation for safety

Anesthesiologists residing 24/7
Safety devices and facilities

Natural beauty

Quick recovery to everyday life

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.