Nose reoperation

VIEW precisely diagnoses the cause of the nose reoperation, provides customized solutions and presents more satisfaction. Experience nose reoperation with no need for secondary or tertiary reoperation from the know-how of medical specialists with a lot of clinical experience.

Operation time

1 hour and 30 minutes




Same day

Suture removal



After suture

What is nose reoperation?

It provides high satisfaction after diagnosing the exact cause and symptom

The nose reoperation improves the nose shape if the patient wants to change the nose shape due to various problems after a rhinoplasty, and because of functional or aesthetic dissatisfaction.

VIEW presents high satisfaction after diagnosing the exact cause and symptom

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When nose reoperation is possible

It is generally recommended to have the reoperation 6 months after the previous surgery.
You can receive the reoperation within 3 months after a rhinoplasty that simply raised the nose bridge. However, in most cases, the nasal tissues stabilize 6 months after the surgery. Therefore, you must consult with a medical specialist to prevent secondary or tertiary reoperation because the timing of the reoperation depends on the circumstances.

01When the redness around the operation wound disappears

02When the wound becomes soft

03When the inflammation is completely cured if there was any

Special features in View’s nose reoperation

Customized surgery

Precisely diagnose and understand the cause of the operation failure to provide a customized surgery.

Performed by medical specialists

The medical specialist with a lot of clinical experience and aesthetic sense performs the surgery.

Minimum scar

This surgical procedure minimizes scars from the operation, eases the burden of the reoperation and try to achieve a natural-looking appearance.

Surgery method depending on the type of nose reoperation

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If nose is unnatural

The reoperation is performed to have a beautiful nose line connected from the forehead to the chin while maintaining balance with the patient’s face.

It removes the existing prosthetic, replaces it with a new one and uses an autograft on the nose tip.


If nose end becomes short due to contracture from inflammation

It sufficiently removes the scar tissues in the nose, widely peels off the soft tissues including skin for sufficient skin expansion.

Insert the designed prosthetics before the surgery and fix it so the nose tip does not become hard and pull upwards.

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If prosthetics are visible through the thin skin

Change the space where the prosthetics is inserted to a location that is deeper than the skin layer.

Use the patient’s skin, fat or fine fat grafting instead of prosthesis
If autograft is not suitable, replace with thin prosthetics for less irritation to the skin.

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If aesthetic aspect of the nose shape is unsatisfactory

You have to consult with a medical specialist for the reoperation if you want it simply because you do not like the nose shape or height or if you just want a reoperation by precisely understanding the desired nose shape.

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If the nose bone looks crooked

The asymmetry on the slope of the nose bone is revised to look symmetric through lateral osteotomy which cuts the outer part of the nose bone.

If there is asymmetry in the center of the nose bone, the nose will look crooked no matter how straight a prosthetic is inserted. Therefore, the prosthetic will be inserted after the center of the nose bone is cut to be straightened out.

If a prosthetic is mislocated in the nose bridge, remove it and symmetrically straighten the space where the prosthetic will be inserted, and then insert it.

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If the nose bridge is too high or low

If the nose bridge is too high, replace the prosthetic with a low one depending on the overall facial proportion and nose shape.

In this case, if the nose bridge is wide from carefully observing the changes in the nose bridge, a well-defined nose can be completed only when it is accompanied by osteotomy.

Decide the prosthetic size and replace it by sufficiently considering the nose line beautifully connected from the forehead to the chin and the facial proportion by newly peeling off another space or making the space where the prosthetic is inserted wider if the nose bridge has become lower.

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Why VIEW’s rhinoplasty has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory surgery results

Rich clinical experience of medical specialists
Customized surgery through precise diagnosis

Thorough preparation for safety

Safety devices and facilities
Guaranteed safety from surgery planning stage to post-surgery stage with anesthesiologists residing 24/7

Natural beauty

Skin exfoliating service
Progress check and scar management

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.