Natural line rhinoplasty

It considers the balance between the facial size and contouring to make a natural nose shape.

Soft and natural, natural line rhinoplasty

The natural line rhinoplasty is the surgery for naturally high nose tip and balance with the face.

It is good for those who want natural appearances rather than the latest trend.


VIEW’s Doll line rhinoplasty vs. natural line rhinoplasty

Classification Doll line® rhinoplasty Natural line rhinoplasty
Prosthesis Gore-tex, silicone, autologous cartilage (nasal septum, ear cartilage) Gore-tex, silicone, autologous cartilage (nasal septum, ear cartilage), autologous corium, fascia
Height of nose bridge Nose bridge with well-defined line based on the facial shape, forehead height and lip shape Natural nose bridge based on the facial shape, forehead height and lip shape
Line curvature Big line curvature to maximize the S-shaped line on the face Natural look with gentle curves
Protrusion of nose tip Volume and elegant look with sharp nose tip Gentle impression with relatively soft nose tip
Nasolabial angle (between the columella and lips) Large angle with the crescent line Relatively small angle with a natural line

Special features of VIEW’s Doll line rhinoplasty

Balance with the face

It considers the individual facial size and proportion to form a natural-looking nose.


It improves the nose shape but shows no sign of surgery.

Favorable image

It makes a comfortable and gentle image with a natural nose shape.

When natural line rhinoplasty is needed

01If natural-looking rhinoplasty is desired

02if natural nose line with no sign of surgery is needed in everyday life

03if soft nose tip is desired through autoplasty rather than artificial prosthesis (cartilage, dermis, fascia)

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