Mini facial contouring

This procedure provides a simple treatment around the cheek and chin with no bone surgery to make a slim facial shape with a V line.

Operation time

30 – 60 minutes


Sedation / general


Same day discharge

Suture removal

Depending on the surgery


Depending on the surgery

What is mini facial contouring?

The mini facial contouring makes a sleek V-line face through simple treatments like facial lifting, and removal of fat from developed cheeks and chin.
It is performed with no bone surgery, but you can reap good results if your face looks big and wide due to excessive muscle and fat even though your bones are not so big.

Special features of VIEW’s mini facial contouring

Quick recovery

The facial contouring procedure with no bone surgery less swelling and quick recovery.


The customized treatment for an individual patient makes an ideal and balanced facial line.

Young-looking effect

The lifting procedure is provided together to make a V-line face with more elasticity.

When you need mini facial contouring

01If you want a quick and simple way to get a slim chin line

02If you a V line but feel uncomfortable about having a bone surgery

03If you do not have big bones but your face looks wide due to a lot of muscle and fat

04If you want a natural V line

05If you have unclear boundary between the face and neck

06If you previously had a V-line surgery but want better results

Surgery method

bimaxillary osteotomy
1Deep facial fat removal

There is a long lump of fat from the temple beside the eyes to the side of the lips on the side of the face.

It is called “isthmic fat” in medical terms and is also referred to as “deep facial fat” because the excessive amount of fat around the cheek makes the cheek look protruded.

It is often seen during childhood but some remains even in adulthood.


PPC, often called “lipolysis injection” injects fat splitting substances from soybeans into the skin to destroy and dissolve fat cells and discharge them through urine or sweat.

It helps improve skin elasticity by regenerating collagen through breaking down fat and stimulating thick skin layers at the same time.

bimaxillary osteotomy
3Prosthetic implant

Small prosthetics molded in the shape of the chin bone contour is inserted through a small incision in the mouth and fixed to not move.

The minimum oral cavity incision causes almost no problems in everyday life.

4Fat grafting

Fat is taken from the thighs or abdomen and injected into the tip of the chin to make a smooth facial line.

The simple procedure has advantages of a quick recovery and being safe because it uses the fat of the patient, but some of the fat might be absorbed into the body.

5Front chin binding

This procedure lifts the chin tissues and muscles to improve the shape of the chin. It has advantages of being able to quickly make a V line without bone surgery.

It is good for patients whose chins look long due to the muscles in the chin drooping below the chin bone or patients with the so-called “butt chin” or a cleft chin.


This procedure irradiates the Accusculpt laser on the contour and wrinkle to be enhanced to melt away the fat cells.

The laser was approved by the FDA and has the effect of enhancing skin elasticity for facial contouring and wrinkle removal.

7Omega lifting

This procedure uses a special thread and needle to tighten sagging or wrinkly skin.

The lift is provided for different facial shapes depending on the skin thickness, direction of the wrinkles, and is safe because the inserted thread dissolves into the body.

VIEW Clinic only uses excellent and safe products approved by the US FDA and EU CE mark.

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.