Forehead surgery

This surgery inserts customized prosthetics while considering the facial type and proportion, and makes a natural and defined beautiful forehead from any angle.

Operation time

30 minutes – 1 hour


Sedation / general anesthesia


Same day discharge

Suture removal

No / 2 weeks


1 day – 2 weeks

What is forehead surgery?

The surgery provides volume to the forehead for sunken or narrow forehead or protruded bones around the eyebrows.

When you need forehead surgery

01If you want a natural volume on the forehead

02If your forehead is not smooth due to sinking

03If the bones around the eyebrow are sticking out

04If you have a flat forehead

Surgery type

1Prosthetic insertion

A cast of the patient’s forehead is taken to make a prosthetic for the patient before the surgery.

The prosthetic is inserted into the forehead after scalp incision to prevent visible scars after the surgery.

The surgery provides a natural and smooth forehead with a prosthetic that fits snugly on the patient’s face.

bimaxillary osteotomy

Before the prosthetic insertion


Smooth forehead after the insertion

An incision on normal forehead surgeries is performed inside the scalp.

Therefore, the larger the incision, the later the recovery. This interferes with the patient returning to everyday life even though the scar is not visible after the surgery.

VIEW Clinic helps the patient recover quickly with only a small incision measuring 2 – 3cm.

Customized prosthetics
Just as individuals have different faces, an individual has different preferences on the volume of the forehead.

VIEW Clinic precisely analyzes and diagnoses a patient’s forehead width and nose height to make a prosthetic for the most natural and beautiful forehead.

A cast of the patient’s forehead is taken with plaster.
Completed plaster mold
A forehead prosthetic is made according to the line of the mold.
Before and after the surgery
Before the surgery
Forehead prosthetics
After the surgery
bimaxillary osteotomy
2Fat grafting
This is a procedure where fat is taken from the patient’s own body, purified and concentrated, and then injected into the forehead.

After the fat is taken, the fat is separated with a centrifuge and only pure fat is extracted for injection to enhance graft survival rate. The injection of the patient’s own fat has an advantage of having absolutely no feeling of irritation of foreign matter.

Maximization of graft survival rate

The biggest disadvantage of fat grafting is that the fat might be absorbed into the body. VIEW Clinic takes various measures to minimize the absorption of fat.

Collection of fat cells

Collect living fat cells

Extraction of highly pure fat

Extract only highly pure fat through the removal of unnecessary moisture and centrifugal purification.

Anesthesiology department

Anesthesiologists experienced with thousands of breast surgeries

Micro-fat grafting

Use the fine fat transplant tube (18 – 19 gauge) for even grafting

Even grafting of fat. From the aesthetic perspective
The most important point in the fat graft is smoothening the forehead.

Due to the characteristic of fat grafting procedure, syringes are used for small injections into several places. In this case, if the amount of fat is not evenly distributed or if the injected fat fails to survive, the forehead will become bumpy.

VIEW Clinic introduces the micro-fat injection procedure to make a smooth and beautiful forehead line with its accumulated experience and know-how.

Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.