Eye revision surgery

View Plastic Surgery Clinic provides a customized surgery suitable for the harmony between the facial shape and nose based on a precise diagnosis on the reason for failing the primary surgery. Feel the clear result without any worry for additional operations based on years of rich clinical experience.

Operation time

1 hour and 30 minutes


Sedation anesthesia


Same day discharge

Suture removal

3 or 7 days


Depending on the surgery

What is eyelid revision?

The operation improves upon the former surgery if you want to change the eye shape due to aesthetic or functional dissatisfaction or face various problems after the surgery.

This difficult surgery requires skills because it needs more time and effort than the previous one and it is important to receive the surgery from plastic surgeons with a lot of clinical experience to understand the cause of the reoperation and solve problems.

Before & After

When eyelid revision is possible

Early operation is possible in some cases but in general, the eyelid revision is recommended 6 months after the previous operation.
However, in most cases, the eye tissues stabilize 6 months after the surgery. Therefore, you must consult with a medical specialist to prevent secondary or tertiary reoperation because the timing of the reoperation depends on the circumstances.

01When the redness around the operation wound disappears

02When the wound becomes soft

03When the inflammation is completely cured if there was any infection

Special features of View’s eye revision

Customized surgery

Diagnose and grasp the failed pre-surgery’s exact reason, and then proceed surgery suit one’s individuals conditions.

Performed by medical specialists

The medical specialist with a lot of clinical experience and aesthetic sense performs the surgery.

Minimum scar

This surgical procedure minimizes scars from the operation, eases the burden of the reoperation and try to achieve a natural-looking appearance.

When you need eye reoperation

01Double eyelids are too thick and look like sausages

02Asymmetric eyebrows

03Indistinct or loose double eyelid crease

04Multiple layers of double eyelid crease

05Similar before the surgery or insufficient image improvement

06Unsatisfactory results after double eyelid surgery

07Clear wound on the eyelid crease

08If double eyelid crease is too thin or low

Surgical method depending on the type of eye reoperation

What is the best eye shape for me?

STEP 1Check the current condition of my eyes.

Check the current condition of the eyes through diagnosis from specialists and decide which surgery you need.
eye surgery
  • 1Presence of blepharoptosis
eye surgery
  • 2Shape of Mongolian folds
eye surgery
  • 3Angle of eyelids
eye surgery
  • 4Skin sagging
eye surgery
  • 5Distance between the eyes
eye surgery
  • 6Presence of cross-eye

STEP 2Decide the eye shape I desire.

Decide the best eye shape from the aid of a medical specialist to have higher satisfaction after the surgery.

01Double eyelid line

eye surgery
  • 1Inline
eye surgery
  • 2Outline
eye surgery
  • 3In- outline

02Eyelid thickness

eye surgery
  • 1Thin
eye surgery
  • 2Thick
eye surgery
  • 3Medium height


eye surgery
  • 1Epicanthoplasty
eye surgery
  • 2Lateral canthoplasty
eye surgery
  • 3Lower canthoplasty

STEP 3Complete the eye shape right for me

Make the natural and beautiful eye shape right for me through sufficient consultations with medical specialists based on the current eye condition.

Why View Plastic Surgery Clinic’s eye surgery has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory results

Customized surgery plan and error-free surgery

Thorough preparation for safety

Anesthesiologists residing 24/7
Safety devices and facilities

Natural beauty

Quick recovery to everyday life

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.