Dedicated care

follow-up care

Customized follow-up care

quick recovery

Helps with quick recovery and regeneration

breast elasticity care

Keep a healthy breast shape with intensive breast elasticity care

Dedicated breast management

No/01Regular checkup.

Check the condition of the implants with regular progress checkups, additional ultrasound breast examination and X-ray after the breast surgery and we will provide assistance in early detection of problems like breast cancer and breast related diseases.

No/02High frequency, lymph care

The high frequency devices and lymph massage takes care of breast swelling and blood circulation and helps the rapid recovery of skin tissue after the surgery

No/03Scar care

VIEW Clinic performs surgeries with minimal incision for less worries about scars after surgery. Furthermore, our team takes care of even the smallest scar with laser treatment.

No/04Elasticity and regeneration care

This intensively cares for the lost elasticity of breasts after the surgery to make a natural and voluptuous breast line. Continuous massage also prevents capsular contracture.

No/05Correction bra

We help you wear the correction bra to accurately position the prosthetic material.

No/06Pain care

Pain care through patient-controlled analgesia

Breast care schedule

2 - 3 days
7 - 30 days
2 - 4 months

2 – 3 days
Shower and normal life
(Except the incision on the areola or bottom line)

7 – 30 days
7 days : Suture removal Breast care training
Twice a month (smooth)
Visit the clinic to check the progress and management

2 – 4 months
Once a week (smooth type)
(The schedule is subject to change depending on the progress)

6 months after the surgery
Additional mammogram

Why VIEW’s breast surgery has been receiving the spotlight

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Satisfactory results

Breast surgery with functional and aesthetic aspects from the cooperation between cosmetic and general surgeons (breast diagnosis)
Customized surgery considering physical features like height, chest circumference and extent of sagging

Thorough preparation for safety

The anesthesiologist participates in the entire surgery process including surgery planning and performing the surgery to ensure safety
The anesthesiologist resides in the hospital for real-time monitoring until the patient regains their consciousness

Special care after the surgery

Elasticity recovery and recovery management by the dedicated department
Manages scars after surgery and prevents capsular contracture

Korean Breast Implants - Breast Surgery Center - View Plastic Surgery

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.