Cheekbone volume
enhancement surgery

This surgery adjusts the cheek volume for each individual by analyzing the shape of the facial bones and soft tissues. It provides a natural facial volume from any angle and completes a younger-looking face with volume.

Operation time

20 – 60 minutes


Sedation / general anesthesia


Same day discharge

Suture removal

Not required


3 – 7 days

What is cheekbone volume enhancement surgery?

This surgery provides volume to the cheekbone if you have a sunken or flat cheek unlike zygoma reduction.

You can have a beautiful and young face like a baby through defined cheekbones.

When you need cheekbone volume enhancement surgery

01If you have a flat face

02If you have sunken cheeks

03If you often hear that you look tired

04If you look old

Surgery type

bimaxillary osteotomy
Insertion of prosthetics

Insert prosthetics around the cheekbone after an oral cavity incision so no scars remain after the surgery.
A natural facial shape can be made because the prosthetics are molded after thoroughly analyzing the skin thickness and skull structure.

Fat grafting

Some fat are taken from a part of the patient’s body, purified and then injected to the area around the cheek.
A more natural facial volume is made by thoroughly analyzing the skin thickness and injecting a proper amount of fat.
However, the surgery results in a bumpy facial line if the fat is not evenly distributed or if there is graft failure of the injected fat. But, VIEW Clinic makes a smooth and natural facial volume with micro-fat injection through our accumulated experience and know-how.

Why VIEW Clinic’s facial contouring surgery has been receiving the spotlight

1The dream team of facial bones achieving the best results with safe surgery

Satisfactory results

Cooperation with more than 2 plastic surgeons
Direct consulting from the operating surgeons
Customized surgery plan and error-free surgery

Thorough preparation for safety

The residing anesthesiologist participates from surgery planning and takes care of the patients until they recover.
Defibrillator, UPS, antiseptic surgery system
Precise examination before the surgery

Special care after the surgery

Swelling and skin care by the dedicated facial contouring care department
Scaling and oral checkup by the partner dental clinic

23D CT upgrading the operational precision and stability

The 3D CT irradiates the X-ray into the human body and reconstructs the image with the computer to display the internal status with multidimensional images.

Unlike the existing X-ray image, the technique shows more than 3,000 times higher precision and thoroughly analyzes the size, location, depth, length and width of the facial bone to provide a customized operation plan with the operation method and range.

Furthermore, safe surgery is performed by precisely understanding the location of neural glands to prevent nerve damages.

Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.