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It is the last stage of the rhinoplasty for fast recovery and beautiful results.


Careful swelling management


systematic treatment process

skin exfoliating service

skin exfoliating service for beautiful results

Follow-up care for rhinoplasty

Dedicated Care
Careful swelling management

Swelling generally peaks on the 3rd day after the surgery and most swelling goes away after 5 or 7 days. The program takes care of the swelling with cold packs right after the surgery to help remove swelling quickly.

Dedicated Care
Systematic treatment process

View Plastic Surgery has a special treatment room for more comfortable outpatient treatment after the surgery and helps faster recovery by providing treatment on the exact date.

Dedicated Care
Skin exfoliating service for beautiful results

View Plastic Surgery provides skin care service for a beautiful nose by removing the dead skin cells and nose sebum during the period when washing the face was prohibited for beautiful results.

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