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It is the last stage of the eye surgery for fast recovery and beautiful results. Careful swelling management, systematic treatment process and regular checkups


Careful swelling management


systematic treatment process


regular checkups

After surgery care of eye surgery

Careful swelling management

Generally surgical part swells the most on 3days, 5~7days later the serious swelling will go down. Putting ice pack right after surgery will help reduce swelling quickly.

Systematic treatment process

View Plastic Surgery Clinic has a special treatment room for more comfortable outpatient treatment after the surgery and helps faster recovery by providing treatment on the exact date.

Regular progress checkup

The operating surgeon personally checks the progress when you regularly visit View Plastic Surgery Clinic after the surgery to give you better results.

Provide Pumpkin juice

View Plastic Surgery Clinic provides 3 packs of pumpkin juice for the recovery period after the surgery (recommended amount of daily intake) to effectively control the swelling.

After surgery care schedule

Visit the clinic on the 2nd week or first month after the treatment for operating surgeon to personally check up on the progress.