Breast reoperation

The precise ultrasonic diagnosis finds the problems in the previous surgery (capsular contracture, asymmetric breasts, damaged implants, unsatisfactory breast size and shape, etc.) VIEW medical staff members with rich clinical experience compensate the problems in the previous surgery and prevent secondary reoperation through the follow-up care system.

Operation time

Around 2 hours




Same day discharge

Suture removal

After 10 – 14 days


After 3 – 4 days

What is breast reoperation?

The breast reoperation is performed when a patient is not satisfied with the breast shape after the operation, or there are problems such as capsular contracture, dislocation and damage of implants and changed breast shape.

It is important to receive the reoperation from a medical specialist with rich experience because the reoperation is much more difficult than the primary operation.

Special features of VIEW’s breast reoperation

Cause analysis of reoperation

The precise ultrasound examination before the surgery identifies the breast shape, structure of tissues and condition of implants and analyzes the cause of the reoperation.

Surgery compensating problems

The coordinated treatment of the breast surgery dream team compensates the problems in the primary surgery and upgrades the completeness of the reoperation.

Capsular contracture prevention system

The use of the endoscope minimizes the incision, damages to blood vessels and tissues through a precise muscle dissection for a safe surgery.

Volume Sizing System

The system predicts the suitable breast size for the body before the surgery and decides the size of the implants through the simulation.

Timing of breast reoperation

The timing for deciding whether to perform the surgery is 6 – 12 months after the primary operation

The breast tissues and shape stabilizes to some extent 6 months after the surgery but it may be performed earlier in case of severe damage and deformation of the implants depending on the patient.

Cause of breast reoperation

  • 1Capsular contracture
breast surgery

There are various causes including inflammation, hematoma (collection of blood) due to bleeding, foreign substances, hypo-dissection during surgery, lack of massage after surgery and physical constitution.

  • 2Asymmetric breasts
breast surgery

The asymmetry may occur due to the surgery without reflecting an individual’s features or deformation of implants.

  • 3Damage to implants
breast surgery

The cohesive gel prosthetic is not easily damaged and even damaged prosthetic maintains its form and is not absorbed into the body.
But the existing liquid silicone and saline solution bag can easily leak and change its shape.

  • 4Dissatisfaction with breast size and shape
breast surgery

The patient is not satisfied with the breast shape and size after the surgery and reoperation is performed when upper breasts look protruded or when adjusting the breast size.

The breasts may have an abnormal feel or shape and their level of severity is divided up into 4 levels.
  • Level 1: Natural look, implants are untouchable
  • Level 2: No problem in the appearance but breasts are not as soft and implants are slightly touchable
  • Level 3: Hardened breasts, prosthesis is touchable and evident
  • Level 4: Hard breasts, deformed implants causes pain

Why VIEW’s breast surgery has been receiving the spotlight

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Satisfactory results

Breast surgery with functional and aesthetic aspects from the cooperation between cosmetic and general surgeons (breast diagnosis)
Customized surgery considering physical features like height, chest circumference and extent of sagging

Thorough preparation for safety

The anesthesiologist participates in the entire surgery process including surgery planning and performing the surgery to ensure safety
The anesthesiologist resides in the hospital for real-time monitoring until the patient regains their consciousness

Special care after the surgery

Elasticity recovery and recovery management by the dedicated department
Manages scars after surgery and prevents capsular contracture

Korean Breast Implants - Breast Surgery Center - View Plastic Surgery

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.