View Plastic Surgery Clinic reborn as an Asian hub for plastic surgery beyond Korea

Founded in 2005, View Plastic Surgery Clinic did not focus on just one area of Plastic surgery but has been evenly growing in all areas of Plastic surgery such as breast surgery, facial bone contouring surgery, bimaxillary surgery, eyes and nose surgery, and wrinkle surgery to become a comprehensive plastic surgery clinic.

Such balanced growth is also the challenge of the clinic for pursuing an individual’s unique ideal beauty.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic will keep pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery in Asia beyond Korea.


VIEW, faithful to ‘safety,’ the basic concept of “a hospital”

According to the dictionary, a clinic is “a place with facilities for treatment.”

View Plastic Surgery Clinic work with anesthesiologist on site to cure an individual’s appearance complex and is fully equipped with safety devices in case of an emergency for the purpose of implementing the ‘safety first’ policy.

The clinic always keeps in mind that a safe plastic surgery is the basis for patients taking a positive attitude towards life as they form a relationship with View Clinic.

VIEW, finding ‘my own ideal beauty,’ the basis of cosmetic surgery

There is only one thing a customer wants from a plastic surgery clinic.

Finding one’s own beauty, the most ideal beauty suiting each individual face.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic has organized a dream team of specialist for breasts and facial bones, and numerous plastic surgeons thoroughly analyze the eyes, nose, contour, and thickness of the breast for just one patient so as to not just follow but lead the latest trends.

VIEW sharing to give back to the community

View Plastic Surgery Clinic has been continuously growing thanks to numerous patients who have visited the clinic since its foundation in 2005.

The clinic provides volunteer medical services to countries like the Philippines and Vietnam every year and has built an education institute under the name of the clinic in a poor neighborhood (Gypsy village) in India to give back to the community and realize its social responsibility.

The clinic will play its role as a business practicing love through continuous sponsorships.

VIEW growing together with employees

The clinic provides regular training for not only the research and development of the medical staff members but also non-medical members to upgrade their performance in their respective areas

The training sets up the basis for providing better services to patients and boosts the morale of every staff member.