Asymmetric breasts

The surgery corrects the balance of the asymmetric breasts. It improves the functions and considers health and aesthetic aspects for the correction.

Operation time

3 – 4 hours




1 day

Suture removal

After 10 – 14 days


After 3 – 4 days

What is asymmetric breast correction?

It is a surgery for balancing breasts.

The surgery corrects the balance of the asymmetric size of both breasts.
The left and right breasts are symmetrical but not exactly the same.
Although there is difference among individuals, a large number of women have asymmetric breasts .

Cause of asymmetric breasts

01Simply a difference in size and imbalance of left and right breasts

02Left and right breasts look different due to asymmetric precordial skeleton with different development in the left and right chest wall

03Abnormal development of muscles on one side making the breast size of one side look different from the other

Special features of VIEW’s asymmetric breast correction

Cause analysis of asymmetric breasts

Precise physical measurement analyzes the cause of the asymmetric breasts and sets up the plan for the surgery.

Proper surgery

It provides satisfactory results through proper surgery for the causes.

Plastic surgery dept. and general surgery dept. (breast diagnosis)

The cooperation with general surgeons considers the design and health of the breasts.

Continuous safety care system

Continuous progress check and additional ultrasound breast examination prevent damage to implants and capsular contracture and even check breast conditions like breast cancer.

Operation method

Difference between the left and right
creases under the breasts
Difference in the amount of
mammary glands
Difference in the locations of nipples
Correct the asymmetric breasts by using
implants with different size
Correct by exactly matching the volume
of breasts both sides
Align the locations of the implants
and nipples

Why VIEW’s breast surgery has been receiving the spotlight

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Satisfactory results

Breast surgery with functional and aesthetic aspects from the cooperation between cosmetic and general surgeons (breast diagnosis)
Customized surgery considering physical features like height, chest circumference and extent of sagging

Thorough preparation for safety

The anesthesiologist participates in the entire surgery process including surgery planning and performing the surgery to ensure safety
The anesthesiologist resides in the hospital for real-time monitoring until the patient regains their consciousness

Special care after the surgery

Elasticity recovery and recovery management by the dedicated department
Manages scars after surgery and prevents capsular contracture

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• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.