Asian double eyelid surgery also known as East Asian blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery where the skin around the eyes are reshaped. The purpose is to create an upper eyelid crease or a “double eyelid” from an eyelid that does not have a crease otherwise known as a “single eyelid” or “monolid.” View Plastic Surgery is offers the latest and most advanced Korean plastic surgery techniques for asian double eyelid surgery.

Combinational non-incisional
eyelid surgery

The surgery considers the individual differences in eye width, length, Mongolian folds, fat and muscle around the eyes to give you a beautiful and natural eye line.Experience the know-how from the rich experience of View plastic surgery Clinic.

Operation time

30 minutes


Sedation anesthesia


Same day discharge

Suture removal

3 days


Daily life

What is combinational non-incisional Asian double eyelid surgery?

This method completes a natural eyelid line with no loosening

This asian double eyelid surgery combines the advantages of the single-knot sequential non-incision helping make a natural eye line and the multi-knot method with no loosening.
Therefore, it completes a natural eyelid line with no loosening.

Before & After

Special Features of View’s combinational Combinational non-incisional eyelid surgery

Small scars

It leaves almost no scar from minimizing damage to tissues with no incision.

Fast recovery

It has a short operation, has very little swelling and provides quick recovery to everyday life.

Permanent effect

It has almost no possibility of loosening from applying one more knot in addition to the existing suture.


It makes natural and beautiful eyelids and provides very high aesthetic satisfaction.

When you need combinational non-incision

01Thin eyelid skin, good elasticity and not too much sagging

02Double eyelids with occasional loosening

03Double eyelids but not enough strength in the line

04If eyelid line with almost no scar and less swelling is desired

05If worrying about incision method

06If worried about surgery scars

07For a quick recovery to everyday life

Operation method

eye surgery

It designs a balanced and ideal eyelid shape and height.

eye surgery

It makes fine grooves on the eyelid line and performs the single-knot non-incision method depending on the surgery plan.

eye surgery

Then, it introduces the multi-knot method after the single-knot method so the double eyelid does not come undone.

eye surgery

The surgery gives you vibrant and cute eyes.

eye surgery
(1) Rich fat and muscles around the eyes

It removes the unnecessary muscles or fat tissues through the minimal partial incision on two parts of the edge of the eyes.

eye surgery
(2) Weak muscle to open the eyelid / proceed eyelid ptosis correction at once

It provides eyelid ptosis correction at the same time to pull the eye muscle for opening the eyes.

What is the best eye shape for me?

STEP 1Check the current condition of my eyes.

Check the current condition of the eyes through diagnosis from specialists and decide which surgery you need.
eye surgery
  • 1Presence of blepharoptosis
eye surgery
  • 2Shape of Mongolian folds
eye surgery
  • 3Angle of eyelids
eye surgery
  • 4Skin sagging
eye surgery
  • 5Distance between the eyes
eye surgery
  • 6Presence of cross-eye

STEP 2Decide the eye shape I desire.

Decide the best eye shape from the aid of a medical specialist to have higher satisfaction after the surgery.

01Double eyelid line

eye surgery
  • 1Inline
eye surgery
  • 2Outline
eye surgery
  • 3In- outline

02Eyelid thickness

eye surgery
  • 1Thin
eye surgery
  • 2Thick
eye surgery
  • 3Medium height


eye surgery
  • 1Epicanthoplasty
eye surgery
  • 2Lateral canthoplasty
eye surgery
  • 3Lower canthoplasty

STEP 3Complete the eye shape right for me

Make the natural and beautiful eye shape right for me through sufficient consultations with medical specialists based on the current eye condition.

Why View Plastic Surgery Clinic’s eye surgery has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory results

Customized surgery plan and error-free surgery

Thorough preparation for safety

Anesthesiologists residing 24/7
Safety devices and facilities

Natural beauty

Quick recovery to everyday life

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.