Arrow-shaped nose

VIEW presents a beautiful and natural nose balanced with the face by considering the length and proportion of the nose in the face and ideal angle between the columella nasi and lips.

Operation time

1 1/2 – 2 hours




Same day

Suture removal



After suture

What is arrow-shaped nose surgery?

This surgery makes a beautiful nose by correcting the drooping nose end

The surgery corrects the nose with a drooping nose end causing it to look like a long arrow-shaped nose.
It adjusts the drooping nose end to make a beautiful nose and restores the facial balance.

Before & After

Special features of VIEW’s arrow-shaped nose surgery

Baby face effect

The long and aged-looking face turns into a gentle and young-looking face.

Recurrence prevention

The surgery is performed with precise and sophisticated medical technologies to make sure the drooping nose does not sag again.


It makes the beautiful length and angle of the nose in the face to complete a natural look.

When you need the arrow-shaped nose surgery

01If the nose tip droops like an arrow

02If the angle is too small between the drooping nose end and lips

03If the nose is too long compared to the face and makes you look old

Operation method


This method designs the proportion and length of the nose for the balance with the face.


Incise inside the nose to partially remove the cartilages of the nose tip and tie them up.


Firmly support the nose tip using autologous cartilages and prevent the recurrence of a drooping nose.

Why View Plastic Surgery Clinic’s eye surgery has been receiving the spotlight

Satisfactory surgery results

Rich clinical experience of medical specialists
Customized surgery through precise diagnosis

Thorough preparation for safety

Safety devices and facilities
Guaranteed safety from surgery planning stage to post-surgery stage with anesthesiologists residing 24/7

Natural beauty

Skin exfoliating service
Progress check and scar management

• Please be careful because common complications like bleeding, infection and inflammation after the surgery varies by patient.