Aesthetics and bimaxillary osteotomy (Two-jaw surgery) of VIEW

The facial contouring and bimaxillary osteotomy (Two-jaw surgery) require high precision because even a small difference of 1 mm or 1° produces different satisfaction after surgery.
In this context, it is important to accurately understand elements of the face such as facial bones, skin, muscles and age to set up a surgery plan.

VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic accurately analyzes an individual’s facial condition and completes a natural and ideal facial look with error-free surgery.

Breast surgery

This surgery analyzes physical features of the patient such as chest circumference, skin flexibility, skin thickness, mammary gland and areola to choose the best prosthetic material and size.

It makes the breasts in a tear-drop shape with a beautiful and natural cleavage as well as a full volume, realistic feel and movement.


VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic makes a beautiful nose (T.O.P) that is good to look at not just from the side but also from the front.

VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic plans to perform the rhinoplasty by planning the most beautiful height and angle of the nose by precisely checking various aspects to make the side line from the forehead to the nose bridge with regular distance from the eyes and the front side where the nose bridge does not look wide and the nose tip does not look too high.


Eye surgery

The eye surgery must be performed more delicately because the eyes are important elements that decide the first impression of a person.

The surgery provides clearer and brighter eyes after considering the flaccidness and texture of the eyes rather than performing a simple incision or knotting.